Andrew from The Vine emailed me today a nice review he did of the Tool show in Brisbane last night.  I won’t post any details here in order to avoid spoiling things for those trying to remain in the dark, but if you want more detail on the show last night then take a look at the review thread in our forum.

In other news Maynard appears to have convinced the holder of the @tool account on Twitter to hand it over to him, so stay tuned for some Tool related twats in the near future.

Speaking of Twitter, I’ve just noticed that Fourtheye’s twitter feed doesn’t seem to be including posts any more.  Looks like the plugin I use doesn’t work since Twitter updated their login system.  Stay tuned while I fix it, in the meantime I’ll probably just tweet things manually for a while!

Finally, the poster for the two Sydney Big Day Out shows has been posted up on Toolband.  For the lazy here it is: