I was forwarded and interview this morning with Danny in the latest edition of Beat magazine.  Beat is a street press type magazine from Victoria, and had the chance to speak with Danny in a brief interview.  Here’s a slab:

Jambi takes me back to that uncomfortable memory that greeted you at the door of this interview, but Danny mentions it for a good reason: that song’s three divided rhythms provide a telling glimpse into the shape of Tool’s future – and yes, we’re talking the next album.

“It’s a typical Tool song to me; I remember when we were mastering the last record, that was one that I liked to play for people, like, ‘This is where we are, as Tool.’ It’s a good feeling,” Danny says, and Danny is pleased. “We’ve got a couple of great ideas like that that have sort of almost taken off from where that left off that we’re working on. It’s still in its infancy,” he admits, hurriedly, before I can even ask, “and we’re still at the point where we’re just jamming and logging ideas. There hasn’t been a lot of writing and arranging going on; it’s more just in the development, research stages. We’ve got three or four great frameworks that we’re having a lot of fun with, that’s for sure.”

That’s all well and good, I tell him on behalf of us all, but in five years’ time I’ll be over this brooding metal racket thing and courting the sounds of Ornette Coleman in a bid to reinforce my advance into mandatory maturity.

He laughs that deluge of a laugh again, then one he saves for when he’s truly amused. “That’s like the norm, isn’t it? Usually the first two or three songs are the hardest ones, and every once and a while we can get stuck and we’re working on one song for two months or something. I’m hoping it’ll be out… definitely before the end of 2011.”

Some funny anecdotes there too.

The Big Day Out tour kicks off this Friday in Auckland, New Zealand in just over 24 hours time, and then heads over to Queensland for the first leg of the Australian dates.  Don’t forget that setlists should only be posted in the appropriate thread (which for tomorrows show is this one), so don’t ruin it for someone else by posting elsewhere…

Not long to wait now!