As promised, we will be holding a Fourtheye BBQ in the park on the afternoon before the Tool gig at the Melbourne Sidney Myer Music Bowl next Wednesday.

The agenda is:

  • 3pm I arrive with some beer and some stuff for a BBQ
  • 4-4:30pm BBQ get fired up and people eat
  • 5:30pm madly scull and remaining beer before heading to the venue
  • 6pm onwards Watch Tool (at your own expense!)

We will be meeting at the BBQ area just south of the Music Bowl, exact location will be determined on the day pending BBQ availability.  Once I get there and select a spot, I will tweet the exact location on the Fourtheye twitter account, so stay tuned in to that on the afternoon for details.  Alternatively look out for a bunch of Tool fans next to a BBQ – shouldn’t be hard to miss! or send me an email and we can arrange some other form of communication.

The BBQ will be largely BYO, however I will be supplying some drinks. Depending on how many people turn up, these might last a while, or not last long at all. Bring your own meat, salad, etc for the BBQ. If anyone wants to get organised and coordinate bringing larger quantities of food then feel free to comment below. I’ll be fresh off the plane from Adelaide, so don’t expect me to be too well organised on the day!

The invitation is open to all, so bring your Tool loving friends along if you’d like. And you never know who else might turn up…

RSVP’s will help with catering if you know you’re coming, but are not mandatory.

The map is below. Note that the BBQs are in fact several between the two arrows. Follow the river and you should find us.

Fourtheye BBQ Map
Fourtheye BBQ Map