The Melvins, together with Amphetamine Reptile records have released a series of vinyl printed for the bands latest release The Bride Screamed Murder.  Here’s the blurb:

You’ve been asking for ’em & you got it. Up for sale is the brand new Melvins vinyl LP for their "The Bride Screamed Murder" album.

The pressing on this LP was limited to just 1000 copies & are in white vinyl that splattered with red/orange/yellow streaks. To make things even more special, 10 artists were commissioned to create artwork for the letterpress print that’s affixed to the back of the sleeve with each design being limited to just 100 copies.

The three released so far all look pretty cool, and can be viewed at the Amrep website.  Here’s my personal favorite:


If I had $50 spare I’d be grabbing one, unfortunately a recent tour by a well known band has drained my account!  Stocks are limited so don’t delay!