There have been a few small things happening on the web that may interest you Fourtheye readers.  Here we go:

  • Maynard gave us a short Puscifer update on the Puscifer website of all places:
    • V is for Vagina
      HAPPY V DAY! 02/14/11:
      Lot’s Brewing behind the curtain. Working on new tunes, new vids, new trinkets, and a new show for the Fall. Updates to follow.

  • All of HuntingtonSt’s Youtube videos have been removed and his account deleted.  Reading between the lines, it appears he decided he could get away with posting copyrighted material, presumably Blood Into Wine or Volto! related.  It’s a shame he decided to do this, as the result is the loss of a large collection of live Tool bootlegs, which wasn’t really the offending material.  Oh well, the nature of the internet means these will be uploaded in due time…
  • There’s a whole bunch of Tool tour photos on Toolarmy.
  • I meant to say in my Tool poster article last night, that word is any leftover signed BDO tour posters will be sold via Toolband or Toolarmy.

That’s all for now.  I might get around to finishing writing my Big Day Out tour wrap up this weekend so stay tuned!