Blair posted a relatively short, but somewhat exciting newsletter today.  It basically talks about how Tool are quite focused on writing the new album at the moment.  Here’s an abbreviated version of an already short newsletter:

Having returned from their recent tour Down Under, after taking a few days to recover from any jet-lag, and to take care of personal affairs, starting last Monday, members of the band returned to their studio/loft to continue writing and arranging new material. According to one band member, although Tool has received numerous lucrative offers to perform live (summer tours both here and abroad), they have (unanimously) decided to focus their creative energy on producing a new album. As a matter of fact, the all-important dry-erase board has been brought out and is, with each passing day, becoming filled with colorful scrawls relating to the various arrangements that are only decipherable to the band.

Make sure you check out that site – I bet it’s full of Tool news!