I just read on Blabbermouth that while A Perfect Circle do have some new songs (which they hope to play on the coming tour) there are no plans to record them or a full album just yet:

Howerdel said A PERFECT CIRCLE will be “playing some of the new songs,” on this tour, “so that’s always an exciting prospect.”

“We’re still kind of in the creative process of them, but we have every intention of playing them live,” he added. “I’m really looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to getting back on a tour and playing big enough places to actually have a production of sorts.”

Howerdel also said the while he’s excited for the new songs, don’t expect a new CD…yet. “No album right now,” he said. “Songs will trickle in as they’re written and as needed, so maybe next year that will come together as a bigger collection of songs. But right now, there won’t be an album.”

A link to the full interview (a podcast I haven’t listened to) can be found in the original link.

In other APC news, it would appear that a lack of a show in Chicago, as well as a gap in the touring schedule could suggest that an appearance at Lollapalooza is on the cards…