I mentioned this interview yesterday, but this morning when I visited the local magazine emporium, I spotted a copy of issue 64 of DRUMscene featuring Danny and decided to grab a copy (it was only $10).  And I gotta say it was $10 very well spent, then interview is one of the best I’ve read, and Danny speaks extensively about where the new album is at, the Live DVD, recording/song writing techniques and more.

In fairness to the magazine and copyright laws, I’m not going to scan it for you guys, however here’s some of the highlights of the interview:

  • The loved the Big Day Out tour, it was a great break for them and they love the relaxed atmosphere that comes with playing in the tour. They the it off really well with the guys from Rammstein. The highlight of the tour for Danny was the Melbourne sideshow.
  • As of the time of the interview 4 songs are in the works, which Danny expects is about half the album. Danny seems keen to write shorter and more to the point songs this time round, but things seem to have a habit of growing!  So far the songs seem to be heading along the path set by Jambi.
  • Maynard is expecting to spend some time with Tool before the APC shows and has expressed a desire to be more involved in the writing this time round, as Danny suggested that Maynard found some of the complex rhythms of the last album hard to write for.
  • There will be no further tours until the album is released, which all things going well they hope is 2011. The plan is to be in the studio by the end of the US summer.
  • They are leaning towards using Joe Baressi for the album, but haven’t ruled out using David Bottrill. Depends on how the remaining song writing pans out.
  • Danny’s really keen on getting a Live DVD out, using the footage recorded on previous tours (he talks specifically about the 6 pro-shot shows). As far as he knows the others in the band are keen, but it is a lengthy process editing the footage.  Seemed pretty sure it would see the light of day eventually.
  • Currently in the Lamborghini CD player is the new Trans-am and Rammstein albums, as well as some old Jethro Tull.
  • He’s still keen on doing a drum workshop type DVD, and said he might do one this year if he finds the time.
  • Danny has taken up bike riding, loves Penang Beef Curry, Mexican food and The Big Lebowski

As I said, it’s a great interview, and I would suggest any Australians out there interesting in reading the whole thing head down to their local newsagent and grab a copy! Or you should be able to snag one online here.

Danny Carey DRUMscene