According to quite a few sites out there, Man Overboard, the first track from the new Puscifer album Conditions of My Parole will be played on Monday morning.  According to

If you’re awake in time, tune your radio at 9 am eastern/6 am pacific to Sirius XM 36 (Alt Nation) to hear Man Overboard as well as an in-studio interview with Maynard James Keenan, Matt McJunkins and Jeff Friedl. Hopefully for those of us who sleep in the track will also be replayed later in the day.
Spin will post a streaming version of the song Monday morning. The single, Man Overboard, will be available via iTunes, and through other digital service providers on Tuesday, July 19.

After hearing the short preview, I’m looking forward to hearing the full track. 

In other news, there was a tweet on the Tool Twitter account, presumably by Maynard, which pointed to some Japanese Heavy Metal alleging that it’s in studio footage.  Think of that what you will…