A couple of marginally interesting Tool items appeared in the last day, the first being a snippet from a recent Maynard interview reported on Blabbermouth:

As for the status of the next TOOL album — which Keenan gets asked about in every interview — the singer gave The Pulse Of Radio an update and warned fans not to believe everything they read. "We’re just always writing and it’s just progressing as it progresses," he said. "We normally don’t say anything about anything until it’s actually happening, because there’s a lot of people online that apparently can’t read very well. I put an April Fool’s notice up there for the album release, and it was this year, 2011, I said, ‘New TOOL album, such-and-such a date, 2009, and everybody ran around like, ‘Oh, really, the new TOOL –?’ God, you guys are dumb. I swear to God. You’ve got to read. Please, read."

I hope there is no one that dumb who reads Fourtheye.

Secondly Blair shares a picture of the Arizona Bigfoot he recently encountered and managed to snap on his iPhone:

This long haired and bearded beast looks a little like Adam.  ZEMKLA JR revealed?