The Pot video production starting soon

While things may appear to be quiet on the Tool front, perhaps it’s not as quiet as it may seem.  Word is that production on the next Tool video, for the 10,000 Days track The Pot is rumoured to be starting very soon.  Possibly as soon as this week.

For those that need a little reminding about this video, in September 2009 Adam mentioned the following in a Guitar World interview:

Adam Jones: We’re working on ‘The Pot’ but Ive been really lazy lately[Laughs]. The setup for it is a-lot more epic, so its actually good that we’ve been able to have more time. Its going to be all stop motion and in 3D. We’re doing it so that we can hopefully have it shown in the theater. A-lot more theaters are going digital and those projectors can do 3D. We have a *consultant who worked with us on the 3D packaging for 10,000 Days, and he was telling me that in 10 to 20 years you wont need goggles for 3D, you’ll go to the movie theater and everything will look 3D. Its almost holographic. Its really exciting. Sorry, gimme a chance to nerd out and I will [Laughs]

So about 18 months later, it looks at though this may come to fruition, and perhaps become a Xmas present for Tool fans?

115 thoughts on “The Pot video production starting soon

  1. Pablo66

    Whilst we’re talking new music (ish)…


    Did anyone watch Blair’s recent youtube link of Mikey Oliveri sky-diving?
    If you did and then checked Mikey out a little (as I did), did you see he attended a private Tool rehearsal (w’out Maynard) in July? 
    If so – did you spot the photo (cool!)?
    If so – did you spot the studio whiteboard? I reckon there’s some tiny new music information on there – whether referencing one or several new tracks, it said this…
    E87 [written within a box]

    Heavy melody 8/7
    Melody riff 8/7
    + Turnaround
    Glue 8
    Straight 4
    What it all means (musically or otherwise) I don’t know, but it’s there. Just saying.

  2. contraption

    ‘…Production starting soon’ could mean anything from Adam is getting ready to draw storyboards to a visual effects company is already working on the compositing.
    Obviously, we’d all love to know more information about this.

  3. Children

    It’s kind of funny how The Pot video is being made right around the time that people are beginning to realizing America needs to reform the government. Maybe it will start a revolution.

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