In a Revolver double header today, we have news from both Maynard and former Tool bass player Paul D’Amour.

Firstly, Maynard talks briefly about the release of the new Puscifer album Conditions of My Parole (which should be out now!).  When asked about Tool he mentioned:

How many times a day does someone ask you about a new Tool record?
At least 20… Wait, what time is it? 22. Twenty-two times. For most people, where I started was there. Most people assume the success of anything I do is based on Tool, when they don’t realize that I was successful at things long before Tool. Tool didn’t get me in Westpoint, Tool didn’t get me distinguished graduate from basic training, Tool didn’t get me on the student council, and Tool didn’t get me my 12 varsity letters. But the public eye assumes that’s the thing I should be doing. I just hold my tongue and do what I do.

Read into that what you will (and I know you will!)…

Paul’s news involves a new track from his band Feersum Ennjin.  Keeping on the Tool theme:

For people who don’t know, why did you quit Tool in 1995?
Well…hmm, I guess sometimes things just run their course. New steel must be forged and battles fought.

Do you ever regret the decision?
I like to try and live in this moment, not in the past. However, I definitely miss that feeling when the power of those four people playing together was at its peak. There were some amazing moments when things were razor sharp and that wall of sound took over.

Here’s the song Fishing Ground for your listening pleasure: