As Blair promised, Danny has featured in the latest Paiste Magazine, where he talks about a range of drumming, Volto! and Tool topics:

So, you guys are back in writing mode right now?
Yes…Justin, Adam & I are working on some stuff and Maynard will join us in another month or so, once he finished up with his ‘other band’. We’d like to get in the studio by May or June and holpefully get our new record done by the fall…we’ll see how things go. Right now, we’re throwing riffs around and seeing what feels good. So far, it’s turning out to be a bit more on the heavier side…Adam is really rockin’ out, so it’s exciting.

I’m a big fan of heavy Tool, so that works just fine for me. Thanks to Mike for directing me to the interview!

Update: You can download a PDF copy of the magazine here.