Just a couple of quick updates from Toolband today, where Blair shares with us a photo from the recent Tool songwriting sessions, as well as a hint that there’s more to come:

A rare glimpse inside Tool’s storied loft – one of a dozen or so photos recently taken by Adam, Danny, and Justin while writing and arranging their contributions to the next Tool record. (Note: When Adam sent me these photos last night, I was both amazed and a bit confused because certain areas of the rehearsal space were in the past always deemed off-limits to photography. What caused this sudden change of heart to a long-standing policy I do not know, but I am certainly excited to share with fans of the band a place of such historic significance – the small room where every Tool song [from “Opiate” to the present works] was written. Think about that for a minute. Every Tool song was written in the same place. I can’t imagine this ever happening with any other major band in history of rock music – they having written all of the music on all of their records over the decades in the same small room. But, that’s exactly what Tool has done at the loft. Receiving the photos has inspired me to dedicate the next Tool newsletter to certain “Tales from the Loft”, which I hope to post soon… along with further rare glimpses.)

There’s also a picture of Adam exclusive to Toolarmy members.

There’s also a couple of Tool 2012 Tour shirts in the shop which I haven’t noticed before – get them while they’re hot!