Tool confirmed for River’s Edge Music Festival

As hinted at the other day, it seems that Tool are really playing the River’s Edge Music Festival on Harriet Island, Minnesota. The gig, which according to the press release is “their only US date of the year” (I presume they really mean to say it’s a one off Tool show without any other dates) is happening on the 23rd & 24th of June. Also on the lineup is Puscifer, so perhaps we may see some Tool members helping out during the set, or at least drinking wine or beer on stage.

The festival costs $99 for a two day pass (though that offer expires at the end of April) which sounds like a quite reasonable fee for a two day festival, despite it being a little light on acts I’d want to see.

Not sure what effect this will have on recording, if it really is a one off show, and at time of writing it seems that way, then the band having a weekend off in Minnesota will probably have a negligible effect on their recording schedule.

25 thoughts on “Tool confirmed for River’s Edge Music Festival

  1. n812w

    I’ll be there for sure. My wife and I coming from Louisville, ky. Anyone know of any campsites on or near there? Looking forward to seeing tool, puscifer, the lips, dmb, mutemath, polica and diplo.

  2. demmons

    Gonna wait and see if they announce a few more dates but I could be headed to Michigan if not. A plus would be that my girlfriend would enjoy some of the other bands, mainly Brand New.

  3. Paradigm

    I would LOVE to go to this show. Does anyone have any suggestions for places to check for cheap flights, rental cars, bus tix, or train tix???? The lowest I can find is like 400 dollars roundtrip- I am coming from Orlando, FL

  4. auroboros

    Being that Tool is a heavily occult orientated band (Tool, and Puscifer mind you) i find it fitting they are playing the ‘RIVER’S EDGE’ festival. How fitting for their one off US gig of 2012.

  5. shadow8

    I was at a show this year. They have hit the road so many times since 10000 Days and each time they make very minor visual changes and just swap a couple songs from the previous tour. To me it’s basically the same show since 2006. Every tour I have seen them from 1993 until 10000 Days they put some effort into creating a different show. I saw a couple different Aenima era shows and they were totally different. Every time they toured Lateralus it was a completely different show. Now they just very slightly change the same show year after year after year.

  6. Bendulum

    “NOW they have very slightly changed the same show”

    In 2006, they had only a few feet of that white-coloured surface behind MJK and DC that was used as a projection surface connected to the floor of the stage. In 2010, the white surface was much taller than MJK (not hard to surpass his height, but you can picture this); a long horizontal LED screen was hoisted above the stage near the ceiling, and two additional mobile LED screens were behind Adam and Justin at certain parts of the show (the highlight of the changes, especially if you were close enough to the stage). In 2012, they added a massive LED screen to serve as a backdrop to what they already had since 2010. How this translates as “VERY slightly changed” between 2006-2012, I don’t yet understand. Can you enlighten me, TiT?

  7. Bendulum

    As far as setlists go, lets compare those from Vancouver as an example. There are four song changes between the 2006 and the 2010 shows, and the order of songs is much different. For 2012, another 3-4 changes were made to the setlist (some songs have not been played for ages!), and these songs were rotated in and out of the setlist after each night. These were not the same tours: neither visually, nor musically.

    The Pot
    Forty-Six & 2
    Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)
    Rosetta Stoned
    Right in Two

    Third Eye
    (-) Ions
    Eon Blue Apocalypse
    The Patient
    Forty-Six & 2
    (with Rajas’ drummer Gino Barboni)

  8. Parabola

    It just so happens that I have to work in MN that particular weekend. It’s fate I tell you, fate. Anyone know which day Tool and/or Puscifer are playing?

  9. AirZe

    What are the chances they play again in 2012, US or Europe?
    I’m from Brazil, so I know they’ll never tour here, but I’m willing to go to this festival just to see these bastards live!

  10. hellboy1975hellboy Post author

    I’m from Brazil, so I know they’ll never tour here, but I’m willing to go to this festival just to see these bastards live

    I would have said the chances of Tool playing again in 2012 following the winter tour were nil, but here we are. According to the festival organisers it will be the “only US date of 2012″ so I wouldn’t expect any other US shows. And I’d be pretty surprised if they took time out of their writing/recording schedule to travel overseas.

    Bottom line is, if you MUST see Tool then go to this festival. Expecting them to play other shows will probably lead to disappointment.

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