Aaron Turner hints at Tool studio date

News on progress on the new Tool record is quite elusive at the moment, and while this is nothing concrete, some new information has come to light courtesy of one of our forum members:

Interview with Aaron Turner a few nights ago on RRR radio. They asked him what albums he was looking forward to in 2013. He mentioned Tool and the interviewer commented on the massive gap of nothingness since 10,000 Days. Turner replied that he had heard it from the band themselves that they are looking to start recording the new album in January / February.

For those that don’t know, RRR is an Australian public radio station, and Aaron is a member of the now defunct Isis.

Without getting to excited, it’s a small glimmer of hope for Tool fans hoping to see a record sometime in 2013. No doubt Aaron knows the band, but whether or not this information is reliable is anyone’s guess. Please take it with a grain of salt!

83 thoughts on “Aaron Turner hints at Tool studio date

  1. ThatGuy

    Tool’s Greatest Hits! Featuring hit singles Schism, AEnima, Stinkfist, 10,000 Days, Sober…plus more!! Experience Tool like never before now with previously unreleased material: The secret hidden track from 10,000 Days and the long-awaited Problem 8!!! Youve seen them live, now experience your flashback like youre trippin” balls wayyyy harder with live tracks Message from Harry Manback (live), Mantra (live), Lipan Conjuring (live), and Viginti Tres(live)!!!

  2. hellboy1975hellboy Post author

    Older comments now visible, were there all along but pretty much the same colour as the background. Have changed the colour so they’re visible, but as you can see still need a little work to get them looking decent. Will try and find time to do so tomorrow…

  3. demmons

    Meh, Turner was like.. how can I get my name to float around the internet for a few weeks before I re-re-re-issue another Isis Remix?

    Talk about Tool.

    Anyway, BTBAM’s new album is out. Itll serve you nicely to give it a listen!

  4. Pablo66

    Tool do what they want, when and how they want to. Always have, always gonna… Isn’t that one of the reasons we’re all here?

    As a fan, am I disappointed if this is true? Yup.

    Can I influence the outcome? Nope.

    So I’ll get on with my life and when the time comes, I’ll immerse myself once more.



    true, they have always done things in a way that does not include their “fanbase”. that’s perfectly fine. i think i made the mistake of buying into the timeline given to us from danny carey. At one point he actually said they’d be done by the end of 2011. ahahhahahahaa. until they actually enter the studio, nobody should hold their breath.

  6. RavenpigRavenpig

    I think it sounds awful and it’s nothing more than fans grasping at straws. And wasn’t there an interview where May Jay and Adam said more or less what I just said?

  7. UndKeineEier

    I think it sounds awful and it’s nothing more than fans grasping at straws.And wasn’t there an interview where May Jay and Adam said more or less what I just said?

    I agree. I don’t think it’s legit, and I also think it’s pretty awful.

  8. MogusMaximusMogusMaximus

    Shocker still not a peep from the Tool camp. Oh but you can buy a Danny Carey pillow. And for an extra ten bucks he will sit on it and cover it with ass sweat. Lame. I bet some of you actually bought those fucking pillows. And who was the dumb shit that was yapping about Aaron Turner just trying to get his name out and release Isis live albums? Aaron HARRIS, the drummer, is responsible for releasing the live albums. Aaron HARRIS, the drummer, is in a new band with Chino from Deftones and Jeff and Cliff from Isis (Aaron Turner is not involved in the project), called Palms, who should have a new record out next year.

  9. ThatGuy

    i was joking in my post about the viginti tres hidden song if you couldnt tell…. Buncha sapped ol complainers on this blog nowayads. no sense of humor to get us thoug this Tool drought eh? But ya there is a song made out of the overlap of a couple tracks form 10K days. No denying it you lousy bat. My pillow just came in today and it is soooo comfy.

  10. Zwerewolf

    This is pretty funny how many people think that Tool owe the fans anything. It’s our privelage to be able to enjoy their art. If they gave into the pressure and what other people wanted I’m sure we wouldn’t end up satisfied. Why be mad at them? They could just up and decide they don’t want to put out another album… (knock on wood). Oh and who cares if they did an “unnecessary tour”… I went to it and you know what… it was a great show well worth the money. Quit being a bunch of fucking whiney babies and take a fucking chill pill. Tool WILL deliver! You so called fans doubting them just shows how ignorant you are. They’ve managed to create timeless music for how many years now? That means much like Pink Floyd we’ll be enjoying their music way… WAY down the road. PS- In case you weren’t aware, all four of them have several projects they work on throughout the year so I’m sure they are all spread a little thin. That makes it even more worth it that they’ve decided to put some time into TOOL. Think a little before you blurt out a bunch of bullshit.

  11. voidvoid

    I think everyone here has had plenty of time to think Zwerewolf. I’d say…we’ve had, oh…about 6 years and 5 months worth of thinking time. We pretty much all know how the band works by now, we don’t need anyone attempting to explain that again here, it is what it is. Everyone just wants some new music at this point, and that’s totally understandable. It’s kind of amazing that we’re all still so interested.


    I think the frustration comes simply from the fact that with everything else Maynard is involved in, he uses social media, writes columns, blabs on and on about EVERYTHING, but when it comes to Tool, he has nothing to say. The frustration comes from the fact that the mouthpiece for the band is Blair, and he rarely delivers anything worthwhile. The frustration comes from the fact that we are given timelines that are grossly inaccurate. They seem like they’ve dropped off the planet since summertime, and considering the band has almost broken up in the past, its not too crazy to think that maybe the band is having difficulties that go beyond writer’s block.

    Being frustrated doesn’t mean that we think we’re owed something. We’re just idiots that love the bands music, and after what will be at least a 7 year break between music, there will be frustration.

  13. Zwerewolf

    HA! Truly… we are all antsy but totally need to be patient. They’ve done this in the past… been inaccurate with their statements about studio time, release dates, material content, etc… As for Blair… He’s given us some great reads such as “Tales From the Loft” and I appreciate the way he approaches the content as to which he releases to the fans. He’s done what he can to give us a glimpse of what’s going on with few scratches on the surface. Under the hood though… we have these 4 guys whom have stated in the past that it’s difficult for them all to work together and get that art out of them as a collective effort. All of them are near 50 years old now and are spread thin with their own projects in their own worlds. We know the material is coming and we know we can trust their creativity. It’s not like they are going to come out with a totally commercialized flop and I guess what I’m getting at is that I don’t understand all the impatience and hostility. Being antsy and being an internet generation, “Where’s my latte!?”, me me me self entitled brat are two different things. All of this bickering about who said what and “they are liars” and “fuck them for making US (whoever US may be) wait” is just getting old. The new album is coming just calm the fuck down. I’m taking this time to focus on my own artworks and musical projects and am still drawing plenty of creative inspiration from what Tool has already accomplished in addition to several other artists of all media types from all over the world. My perception of an artistic message is not to wait around for someone elses message to come along, it’s to create your own. I feel it would be much more constructive for us all to sit here and hm… maybe speculate what TOOL’s next move is going to be? Does anyone think there’s the possibility of a double album? I do! They know it’s been a while… Maybe a double album with a DVD or maybe an album with a movie….? Who knows!? It’s exciting that we are on the verge of yet another awesome release from a group of multi-talented artists! Wouldn’t it be worth the wait for a double album? Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


    yeah, there is a possibility that they are constructing a double album. That would be great. At the same time, I’d prefer just a really great single album that blows everyone away.
    Either way, i know its going to be amazing music that I’ll be able to listen to for the rest of my days.
    I still listen to 10KD often, and you really only truly understand and enjoy a Tool album when you can go deep and listen to every aspect of it over a long period of time. They put so much into the music that there is lots of hidden things that don’t surface until you’ve become extremely familiar with it. I love music like that, and there isn’t a whole lot like it.
    Tool goes beyond “progressive” music, or any other category. they are in their own category, and they know it. I’m sure they will stay true to the chemistry they have, and expand their craft even further. I’m sure it will be challenging for many fans, and i guarantee we’ll hear the haters say “it sucks”, but I know that an album like a new Tool takes TIME to fully accept.

    its also fun to go back and listen to the older albums, because as the years pass, the music takes on new forms and meanings. it also can sound totally different. People don’t realize how much their own mind can form the perception of music they are hearing, and if they bring some cynical attitude to it, well, you’re not going to hear what you could hear if you were being conscious and open to what is there. anyways, i’ll shut up now.

  15. voidvoid

    I agree with some of what you’re saying Zwere, but the fact is some of the things you mentioned are just untrue. For one, they have never done this in the past. They have never taken this long between albums. 5 years in the past, not 7. I actually wonder what went on in all this time. They started writing in 2009, then they “officially” started the writing process for the new album in Feb 2010. Did they create a whole album and then scrap it and start over? Are they creating some sort of film project to go with the music? Was there horrible tension between band members? Is the music so complicated that it’s actually just taken this long? (My hope is that is the case). Those are the questions on my mind at least. I guess we’ll find out eventually.

  16. Zwerewolf

    VOID- I never said they’ve taken more than 5 years to come out with a new album obviously I know that’s not true. What I said was that they’ve released false information about past albums which is in-fact totally true. They like to mess with heads… alot… To wonder what’s been going on all these years just baffles me. Maynards vineyards started maturing properly and that business is becoming huge for him now that he’s able to make better wine and he’s also got APC and Puscifer but I shouldn’t have to tell you that. He’s got his process dialed in and that’s consuming alot of his time. Ravenpig hit it with the divorce as well for Adam… Danny has kept himself busy with several other projects to include Volto and the development of Mandala. Justin has a few side projects and appears to be living life just like the rest of them (doing things he loves and having fun). I’m sure Adam keeps busy with his art projects as well IE don’t forget the photo that Blair released of a new art project Adam is working on… we’ll be seeing that with the new album release I’m sure… Point I’m making is… these guys have lives and other interests. If they just focus focus focus on TOOL TOOL TOOL and nothing else I guarantee we’d get stale material and or a bitter break up. I mean… it’s a simple concept that I must have expected all TOOL fans to get, but I guess there are some “fans” out there that don’t really care to dive deeper and see what it’s really all about. If you want an album a year start listening to Nickelback or something superficial and (in my opinion) worthless. I guarantee you’ll get an album a year but you’ll never experience the quality that you get from bands like TOOL. Be patient and quit whining, once the new material is out you’ll understand why you won’t require new material for another 5+ years. Pay attention to the music and take this time to reflect on what they’ve done. Hit Lateralus up! That album keeps my intrigued every time I listen to it.



    I have a feeling that sometime in the summer they scrapped half of the songs. Danny mentioned they had 5 “good” songs, but it would seem like they probably had more that was dropped. In the tales from the loft posts, blair mentioned how they tried an alternate version of wings for a whole month, and then scrapped it for what they already had all along. They do a lot of this.
    Im sure they have a sense that this is their last album, and they are trying to make sure it is as good as it can be, or they are having some major issues. Who knows.
    On we get word that they are entering the studio, all this questioning and frustration will disappear.

  18. Zwerewolf

    I have the same feeling about a double album. Blair hints that they are doing something unusual in his cryptic writings… I think we have something big to look forward to. Maybe a movie or some sort of video? Double album would be amazing though! We should ALL be EXCITED not frustrated.

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