News on progress on the new Tool record is quite elusive at the moment, and while this is nothing concrete, some new information has come to light courtesy of one of our forum members:

Interview with Aaron Turner a few nights ago on RRR radio. They asked him what albums he was looking forward to in 2013. He mentioned Tool and the interviewer commented on the massive gap of nothingness since 10,000 Days. Turner replied that he had heard it from the band themselves that they are looking to start recording the new album in January / February.

For those that don’t know, RRR is an Australian public radio station, and Aaron is a member of the now defunct Isis.

Without getting to excited, it’s a small glimmer of hope for Tool fans hoping to see a record sometime in 2013. No doubt Aaron knows the band, but whether or not this information is reliable is anyone’s guess. Please take it with a grain of salt!