Grails for Tool

Alex Grey recently gifted all four members of Tool a special CoSM Grail. According to the blog post:

All four members of the band Tool were recently gifted with CoSM Grails.

The CoSM Grail is a symbol that we are vessels of creative energy with expansive vision. An edition of extraordinary bronze grails, created by Alex, was recently cast by Black Hills Bronze. See the exciting foundry work, the initiatory ceremony and ritual prayers by a Lakota elder, the pouring transformation of liquid metal into the CoSM grails.

The Grail is said to possess miraculous powers. This sacred object is most often identified with the wine goblet used by Jesus at the Passover seder, the Last Supper he spent with his family of choice, the Apostles. The myth of the Grail became renowned in the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table who rode around armored on horseback questing for the legendary vessel. Symbol of the divine feminine and gnostic enlightenment, the grail quest can only be attained when you drink from the cup of spiritual reality.

Grateful thanks to Tool who has opened Alex’s artwork to their vast fan base through covers of their platinum albums, music videos and stage sets on multiple tours.

Here’s a pic of Adam’s next to his Grammy collection (presumably not in the toilet). You can buy them too if that’s your thing!

And here’s a pic of Adam & Alex:

17 thoughts on “Grails for Tool

  1. '][' [[]] [[]] ][,

    Alex has talent, no doubt about it, but I’m getting a little sick of that guy. I’m hoping to see something fresh and new on the next album if it ever comes out.

  2. lipanconjuring

    Agreed. Love some of the guy’s artwork but it seems like he’s always riding the band’s coattails for money. I wonder if his gallery — oops, I mean chapel — is tax exempt too, lol.

  3. toolphishdhs

    i like the chalice but come on $1000. that is just crazy. i do hope it in someway inspires them to come together and finish the album, but who knows whats going on behind the scenes.

  4. bobbob

    ya, i agree with most of you guys. its tacky for sure and for a grand? haha thats hilarous. talk about rip off artist here.
    quite awhile ago i got a bit sick of alex grey. i know hes great but tools using him too much and its becoming ‘pepsi’ like to me or something like that. i miss cam de leon. his vibe seemed to match tool in a rawer kinda way which i thought was pretty awesome. i’d love to get the medicine twiins shirt again. (im a gemini) so its perfect!!!

  5. bobbob

    ya i know what you mean about ‘rawer’ and i thought that after i typed it. ok maybe not even ‘rawer’ it just suits their sound and vibe in a lot of ways. schism has elements of Cam in it and that was pretty much the end i think. i def think theirs too much of alex grey at this point. it starts to become meaningless almost after awhile. just too much the same.

  6. doorsdoors

    I’ve been saying this for years that Alex Grey’s art is very confined. Cam De Leon paints and sculpts art that is unique and uses a verity of styles and techniques. Just go to his site

    Alex Grey is all 3D skulls, chakras and all that Eastern philosophy BS. He really changed Tool’s sound and I hate him for it.


    LOL alex grey didnt influence the sound, the sound influenced your brain to recognize his visuals as tool. You have it backwards.

    I do agree they need to move away from his artwork. His events with tool cover bands is a bit grotesque. They need a simple iconic look for the next album, like undertow and aenima had.

    I think tool is up against lots of powers that would rather not have their music be heard. Much like beethoven, they shake the brain away from the artificial reality construct, taking you out of plato’s cave where you watch shadows on the wall, and makes you leave the cave and see the world as it truly is with its real sunlight.

  8. bobbob

    well, i’ll hand it to some of u guys for having a good imagination! haha. but i dont think Alex Grey influenced any sound, come on! thats just silly. as far as Alex doing tool cover band events thats tacky i guess. i suppose he wants to be part of things and goes with it. if hes charging a lot for those then hes a sell out..if hes just their and a part of it and nothing fancy then thats cool but im afraid thats probably not the truth here.. anyone know what that is about?

    Yep, Cam was pretty awesome. he just matched tool in a cooler way. Alex Grey was good for awhile but he is very similiar in what he does as Bob the Builder said. thats a good way of putting it. i think tools become too comfortable. thats the problem. it happens a lot. they arent hungry anymore. they got hteir millions. so they stick to what works for them and what they like i guess. baah. i hope they get a bit more creative this time around.

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