Alex Grey recently gifted all four members of Tool a special CoSM Grail. According to the blog post:

All four members of the band Tool were recently gifted with CoSM Grails.

The CoSM Grail is a symbol that we are vessels of creative energy with expansive vision. An edition of extraordinary bronze grails, created by Alex, was recently cast by Black Hills Bronze. See the exciting foundry work, the initiatory ceremony and ritual prayers by a Lakota elder, the pouring transformation of liquid metal into the CoSM grails.

The Grail is said to possess miraculous powers. This sacred object is most often identified with the wine goblet used by Jesus at the Passover seder, the Last Supper he spent with his family of choice, the Apostles. The myth of the Grail became renowned in the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table who rode around armored on horseback questing for the legendary vessel. Symbol of the divine feminine and gnostic enlightenment, the grail quest can only be attained when you drink from the cup of spiritual reality.

Grateful thanks to Tool who has opened Alex’s artwork to their vast fan base through covers of their platinum albums, music videos and stage sets on multiple tours.

Here’s a pic of Adam’s next to his Grammy collection (presumably not in the toilet). You can buy them too if that’s your thing!

And here’s a pic of Adam & Alex: