Last minute Melvins date!

According to a recent Ipecac announcement “The Melvins will play a last minute show at Slim’s in San Francisco, CA on December 29th, 2012.”. San Franciscans take note!

Presumably it’s Melvins + Big Business as opposed to Melvins Lite. Or perhaps both, they do crazy shit from time to time!

8 thoughts on “Last minute Melvins date!

  1. fortysixand2

    I feel like two bassists might be a bit unnecessary, though I imagine they wouldn’t commit to it unless they actually managed to make it work.

    Two bassists?

  2. Naattik

    Officially on the Melvin’s site now, and it will be Great American Music Hall, NOT Slim’s

    December 29, 2012 – San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall

    Much better venue, and I’ve seen them there twice now. 3rd time will be the charm, methinks.

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