Puscifer Australian shows announced

After months of will they, won’t they, Puscifer finally got around to announcing some shows while Maynard visits Australia with A Perfect Circle on the Soundwave Festival. The shows will take place in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney:

Puscifer Tour
Friday, February 22 – The Tivoli, Brisbane (18+)
Tuesday, February 26 – Enmore Theatre, Sydney (Lic A/A)
Thursday, February 28 – Palais Theatre, Melbourne (All Ages)

Tickets go on sale November 16 and there’s no word on a support act (Tomahawk is my suggestion!).

Photo by Groovehouse for Houston Press

26 thoughts on “Puscifer Australian shows announced

  1. north end Guinea

    fucking congratulations ozzies! enjoy these shows, they’ll make you happy inside…

  2. tiresias

    Love Puscifer Live. Great shows. Anybody see the new Phoenix New Times column this week? Maynard talking about storytelling and lyric writing(?). Wine season is coming to an end. I wonder if he will do any Tool work before the Puscifer tour. I imagine they will rehearse in LA for the Australia shows… … …spiral out … keep waiting… waiting … waiting … waiting …

  3. 264zn

    So excited to hear this news! I’m currently in nambia though and about to head into the desert, hopefully I can get to a computer on th 16th. What is the ticket price? Do we think it will sell out fast?


  4. JoelsyJoelsy

    There are no prices up on Ticketmaster yet, which is kind of awkward. I’d expect it to be at least $130. And they will sell out very quickly I’d imagine.

  5. hellboy1975hellboy Post author

    There are no prices up on Ticketmaster yet, which is kind of awkward.I’d expect it to be at least $130.And they will sell out very quickly I’d imagine.

    $130? That’d be a recipe for poor ticket sales. VIP seats may be that price (if they’re doing them) but I’d say there will be seats available for well under $100.

  6. RavenpigRavenpig

    For reference, the two Puscifer shows I was able to see in the past year I paid 45 and 50 for pretty good seats. There was also less expensive seats available. That’s here in the states of course and I’m not sure of the conversion rate but I’m sure that’s not $100 Australian.

  7. spiral2spiral

    The smaller, theatre/club sized Sidewaves are usually pretty cheap, comparatively.

    (For example, Meshuggah/Devin Townsend this year was <$50)

    I'd be surprised if this is over $80, at most, for standard seats/floor GA.

  8. JoelsyJoelsy

    Fair enough, clearly I overshot the mark – maybe just cringing at the potential damage to the bank account. Will be flippin’ stoked if it’s under a ton! Gettin excited!

    Wouldn’t mind ticketmaster actually showing the price before they go onsale, but hey, whaddeverdafuck

  9. hellboy1975hellboy Post author

    Yeah, I checked in on the Sydney sale about half an hour in and there were good tickets in Row F still going, so not a super fast selling gig it seems (nor did I expect it to be). $78 seems like a reasonable price as well, shame there’s no VIP passes.

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