Tool booked for Ozzfest Japan

In news that is certainly a surprise to me, Tool have been booked to play the Japanese version of Ozzfest in May 2013. The lineup also includes Black Sabbath, Slipknot, Slash, Deftones and Stone Sour. Tool are mentioned as playing the 12th of May as the second headliner before Black Sabbath. I guess someone made them an offer they couldn’t refuse! Don’t go booking your flights just yet though – I’d wait for some kind of confirmation from Toolband first!

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  1. spiral2spiral

    “Gimme a fuckin break go play in Japan ’cause I know Japanese fans have been way more supportive then us here in the states.” –


    Tool shows in the USA since 2007: 177.
    Tool shows in Japan since 2007: 5.

    Drop that range to 2009, and it goes to 56 and 0.


  2. Krazy

    “Gimme a fuckin break go play in Japan ’cause I know Japanese fans have been way more supportive then us here in the states.”–


    Tool shows in the USA since 2007: 177.
    Tool shows in Japan since 2007: 5.

    Drop that range to 2009, and it goes to 56 and 0.


    Not to mention all the pissing and moaning on English speaking Tool “fan” forums about no new album and same set list.


  3. Croaka

    I don’t know if anyone’s been to a concert in Japan, but this is the country where you can leave your front row spot to take a piss and get beers 5 minutes before the headliner starts, then come back and everyone will let you through and your spot will still be there. Come for the band, stay for the crowd

  4. Intension

    Guessing were just waiting on the November newsletter for some news at this point. Hopefully anyways. I think seeing them with a ton of hot Japanese chicks and ridiculous accents would be awesome.

  5. inequitude

    mm it’s interesting – the precedence for a one off festival was set this year @ St Paul… but to take everything to Tokyo just for a one off non-headlining gig? I know Jack Osbourne is a massive fan… an elaborate belated/early birthday present? Unlikely. I suspect (hope) it’s part of a greater Asia/Pacific tour, but the real question is what’s going to be played.

    I’m enjoying the thought of a secret recording going on-. May is half a year away, we know about the whiteboards etc, and without being too much or a lurker you get an impression of stuff going on from their lack of other activity (there are some exceptions to this yes, but generally you know what I mean). Another thing to ponder is what techniques they’re scheming to render the torrent basher impotent to their product – last time it was stereoscopic package, previously it was a fake track listing. Something happening without us knowing about it at the moment fits with this protocol nicely.

    10k days was good… it wasn’t amazaralus. We all know this. They don’t do things by half-measure, so the expectation to rebound off that and trump the big L it a hefty challenge, and certainly not to be rushed just because it’s the end of the 5 year cycle. As long as they’re doing stuff (which I’m sure they are), and Blair stops promoting his book (has anyone actually read it?), announcements like this should be welcomed with open arms. In the mean time, go off and experience/do something with your own life… which I think has been the message all along.

    Japanese chicks and crowds are amazing. I am definitely going to day 2.

  6. limeygringo

    Would Ozzy and Sharon really be dumb enough to announce that Tool were playing without confirmation though? I mean has this happend in the past? That doesn’t seem likely. However, I do think it’s part of a bigger tour with the way you’re hinting at it, hb. Secret recording would be awesome but I highly doubt it. And I’m probably right, just look at how smug my avatar is.

  7. hellboy1975hellboy Post author

    Bands cancel festival appearances all the time, though not usually headliners. The thing about festival contracts is they are often signed months before the announcement, and sometimes the unexpected happens.

  8. RavenpigRavenpig

    I don’t know, I find it really hard to believe the Tool gang would back out on a commitment they made to Ozzy (which is basically what this is, when you think about it)

  9. Mechamortal

    Wow, never thought I’d see Tool and Slipknot / Stone Sour in the same tour. Kind of weird. Slipknot was my favorite band when I was like, 14. Tool since 16… Now that I’ve grown out of Slipknot, they tour with Tool… at Ozzfest.

  10. tiresias

    I hope you are right st1nkf1st. Howerdel just posted an image to twitter about remodeling the APC/Puscifer rehearsal space. MJK will be in LA for a while before the Australia dates. Perfect time to lay come up with / lay down some vocals on the Tool record. Voice will be primed and sounding good. I would not be surprised to see a mini-west-coast-tour after Coachella followed by the Japan Ozzfest and some dates in Japan and Australia, followed buy Europe, followed by the US, etc, etc, etc…

    I agree that if is announcing Tool’s involvement, then it is definitely on.

    Howerdel Tweet:

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