Adam proposes to Korin on WWE

Adam loves wrestling, and it appears he also loves his girlfriend Korin, as he has recently proposed to her at a WWE wrestling event. Footage of the proposal can be found on the WWE website. For those unable to view it, Adam has a message displayed on the big screen, then got down on one knee while Korin accepted.

Congratulations to the happy couple from everyone here at Fourtheye!

11 thoughts on “Adam proposes to Korin on WWE

  1. demmons

    Pretty cool news to wake up to this Monday. Congrats Adam!
    Loved her artwork for the posters this past tour, lets hope for more Faught posters in the future.

  2. joeypants

    #1: Not really our business to get into the pros/cons of this.

    #2: There are SO many other factors that we couldn’t begin to be privy to that would render all the catty “backlash” utterly meaningless. He’s happy, they’re happy… leave it at that.


    Wow, that “badkittygothgirl” is quite the awful person, eh?

    I love to see humans still able to apply their view on everything on everyone else. Obviously this took effort on adams part, and nobody knows their relationship.

    Just because you are a hipster goth girl, doesn’t mean all other girls need to feel the same way as you during a proposal.

    Also love to see when someone has the nerve to talk crap when it comes to “art” when they themselves most likely have never done anything notable or even artistic.

  4. Davvda

    DRURY, can you imagine a world where everybody with an opinion has legitimate experience with said subject? No? Me neither.

    Congratulations to Adam and Korin but I think these public proposals are horrible. It’s pretty much the most pressured sitation for a future (or not) bride. She should’ve said no to fuck with everyone. Nah, that would’ve been mean. I’ll shut up now.

  5. toolphishdhs

    congrats to Adam, would have been cooler if he would have laid someone out with a chair right before this. well i hope they finish the album before the 3-4 year long Tool-free wedding>honeymoon. The pot video is going to be this broadcast on repeat until the song is done. it will be nothing more than a youtube with a compressed version of the pot laid on top with garageband.

  6. bobbob

    ya, i thought it was a tad tacky he proposed at a wrestling event but then i thought its the most unlikely place to do that hence why he did it im sure. element of surprise big time. and in a sense thats more ‘tool’ and out their and weird and all the things we have always liked about tool. sure it isnt the same..but to me its in the same line of thought sorta….

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