Danny is featured in an interview for the UK drum magazine Rhythm in the February 2013 issue, and he discusses a range of topics including that status of Tool’s new album. Here’s the meat of the article I expect most of you are interested in:

What stage are you at in the writing process for the new Tool album?
We have six or seven really good frameworks that we’re working on. We’re over half way in my opinion. The first tune is always hard to get polished off. It seems like on every record we have this big, epic thing like ‘Rosetta’, ‘Wings for Marie’ or ‘Lateralus’. That’s the one we’re focusing on now. Once we knock out that, the other songs fall into place around it. We’re right on the fringe of knocking that big one out. We’re all excited and it seems to have progressed really well.

Also discussed are a range of other topics, which I’ll outline below:

  • Discusses the creative process in Tool. Basically Adam, Justin and Danny write most of the music, and then Maynard comes in to add his parts. At this point Maynard and Danny start working on the emotion and dynamics of the music, while Adam and Justin polish the harmonics and rhythm. Implication to me is that they haven’t reached the stage where Maynard is involved yet, as Danny pointed out he’s busy with APC. Danny prefers having Maynard in as early as possible.
  • Volto! recorded with Joe Baressi in Danny’s rehearsal space. Every track was one take recorded onto tape. They hope to release it early 2013. New album seems to be called Incitaire, features tracks Grip It, Gillz and Drumbreaux. Reviewer gave it a 4/5
  • Danny has played on some Collide tracks for their new album.
  • Has a side preoject with cEvin Key from Skinny Puppy and John Frusciante in the pipeline.
  • Also has some demos from Richard Barbieri from Porcupine Tree, so presumably may be recording with him.

He also discusses a range of drum related topics, but you’ll have to buy the magazine for the finer details.

Danny's Volto! kit