Gene sent me a link to a new interview with Maynard this morning, where he talks about mainly Puscifer, as well as the state of the recording industry:

“The illusion is gone,” Keenan says. “There’s no longer blank checkbooks. I remember playing a show ages ago, where Helmet got offered a [record deal worth a] million dollars. Oh, my God! A million dollars. Of course, all that did was make every other band with ego throw its dicks on the table and say, ‘Well, I want a million five.’ ‘Well, I want two million; I’m more popular.’ There was never any rhyme or reason to what those numbers ended up translating to at the end of the day. If you go back and track what somebody actually paid for something, it’s not nearly as dialed-in as, say, a video-game corporation saying, ‘No, we’re going to sell exactly this many units of this game.’ It was never that calculated. The people running [the business] weren’t qualified to run it.”

It’s an interesting article and well worth reading. As the title suggests though, there is no Tool update, though I’m sure none of you expect one from Maynard at this stage…

There’s also a short teaser video courtesy of Livewire of Puscifer rehearsing for upcoming tours: