Blair hints at New Zealand?

Word is we’re expecting some kind of Tool news this week, and I’ve predicted it will be some kind of tour announcement. Tool are playing in Ozzfest Japan in May, and it’s not unusual for bands playing there to also make the trek down to Australia. Just to add a little fuel to the fire, Blair posted this today on Toolband:


for WAITANGI DAY! Keep it chill with the reggae…

Are Tool about to confirm a Australia & New Zealand tour?

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11 thoughts on “Blair hints at New Zealand?

  1. unclejackson

    Look at the Feb 2012 Newsletter – he mentioned this same holiday in that newsletter as well. Thus, one could suppose that (1) the planning for this tour goes back that far, (2) the mentions are completely random, or (3) Blair just has some interest for that particular holiday, which is therefore not necessarily indicative of an upcoming tour.

  2. Sprout

    Wasn’t there some shit about spiders or the likes in one of the newsletters where everyone thought South America – but I was thinking Australia? Blair seems to reference venemous creepy crawlies whenever inferring Aus. Anyhoo, I’m probably wrong but one can only hope.

  3. bobbob

    talk about playing the marketing game. they have been hitting up the areas they dont tour that often every other summer or so and then come back to the north american dates. they are totally blue collaring out in that way of things yet we got people saying magic this and magic that. its more like “we havent toured their in a couple years so we will sell lots if we do it this way” maybe theirs a buried message in that ? haha come on

  4. Children

    Some people seem to make the mistake that the news Blair gives us is somehow separate from the band. He basically is Tool’s spokesman. Whatever he says, the band says; which isn’t much, but that’s the way it is. All this mystery that comes with the package is exactly what is intended from Tool. Accept it.

    I guess they enjoy to fuck with their fans, or at least the ones that still don’t understand how they operate. They know that a small percentage of their fan base is laughing along with them; even though they are suffering just as much, if not more, on the inside. The album is coming; when the time is right, we will know. It is a difficult task this time around, but Tool has always delivered in the past. Why would you expect anything different just because it is taking a little longer than expected? I want a new album too, but complaining about it is not going to help. If that’s what certain people choose to do then you can serve as entertainment for the rest of us…especially once this masterpiece is released…NOW THAT WILL BE A LAUGH RIOT!

    Evolving past the divine consciousness achieved in 10,000 Days will be interesting to say the least. It just takes time and pressure…TIME…AND…PRESSURE…

  5. lucidcandle

    this outta get you aussie’s going…straight from toolarmy…

    APRIL & MAY 2013
    Frontier Members pre-sale via
    12noon AEDT, Thursday 14 February to 12noon AEDT, Friday 15 February
    General public on sale from 9am local time, Tuesday 19 February

    SATURDAY 27 April – Melbourne/ Rod Laver Arena (All Ages) | Ph: 132 849

    TUESDAY 30 April – Adelaide/ AEC Arena (All Ages) | Ph: 132 849

    FRIDAY 3 May – Sydney/ Allphones Arena (All Ages) | Ph: 132 849

    MONDAY 6 May – Brisbane/ Entertainment Centre (All Ages) | Ph: 132 849

    WEDNESDAY 8 May – Auckland/ Vector Arena (All Ages) / Ph: 0800 111 999

    Twitter @tool

    Twitter @frontiertouring

    PRE-SALE & ON-SALE TIMES (again)

    FTC Presale: Thursday 14 (12noon AEDT) – Friday 15 (12noon AEDT) February

    GP Onsale: Tuesday 19 February (9am local times)

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