M.T.void available tomorrow

Finally! After what feels like years, Justin’s project M.T.void will be available for purchase via Toolband tomorrow:

HEADS UP! JUSTIN’s musical project (with PETER MOHAMED), “NOTHING’S MATTER” by MTVOID will be AVAILABLE FOR SALE in the STORE on TOOLBAND tomorrow (FEBRUARY 14). More details and a direct link once listed.

I’ll be purchasing – quite interested to see how this project pans out. Hopefully there’s vinyl!

13 thoughts on “M.T.void available tomorrow

  1. fulcanelli

    I was curious about this so I went to YouTube to listen to a few tunes. The music is different than I expected but I liked it. I’m not sure that I can get into the Polish vocals, though.

  2. toolphishdhs

    music is really good. vocals are horrible. if it were instrumental i would buy and listen to this. sounds like crap with vocals. grunting and growling is not my thing though. will not buy.

  3. RavenpigRavenpig

    I heard the songs on youtube and the vocals are still killing it (in the bad way) for me. The music is good for the most part with “Toad” and “Future” being my favorite two so far.

    I think I’m just gonna wait for the people who bought it here to get their copies and post their reviews so I can get a sense for the other half of the album.

  4. killing.in.the.name.of

    anyone else having trouble ordering this off the website? I’m in Canada and I was sure they would ship there but I keep getting errors when trying to order it and no response from anyone from the website. Kind of getting tired of how unprofessional these guys seem to be….

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