Maynard has been interviewed recently on Chilean radio station Futuro 88.9FM in the leadup to coming Puscifer and A Perfect Circle shows, and despite being told not to, it appears they asked some questions about Tool. According to Google Translate*:

Maynard, do you have plans to come to Chile with Tool?

No. At this time, no.

I also read that there is a possibility of having a new Tool album soon.

No new disk. Not this year.

Is there plans?

I have not written any songs. So no, there is nothing.

There you go. I guess rumours of an impending South American Tool tour are bogus, nor does it reveal anything we don’t really already know on the new album.

The interview also suggests that the upcoming Puscifer shows in South American (and by extension I’m including Australia) will be more about the music than the theatrics, mainly due to the logistics of moving gear around.

Thanks to Domingo for the link!

*If anyone fancies writing a more accurate translation, then feel free!