Maynard interviewed on Chilean Radio

Maynard has been interviewed recently on Chilean radio station Futuro 88.9FM in the leadup to coming Puscifer and A Perfect Circle shows, and despite being told not to, it appears they asked some questions about Tool. According to Google Translate*:

Maynard, do you have plans to come to Chile with Tool?

No. At this time, no.

I also read that there is a possibility of having a new Tool album soon.

No new disk. Not this year.

Is there plans?

I have not written any songs. So no, there is nothing.

There you go. I guess rumours of an impending South American Tool tour are bogus, nor does it reveal anything we don’t really already know on the new album.

The interview also suggests that the upcoming Puscifer shows in South American (and by extension I’m including Australia) will be more about the music than the theatrics, mainly due to the logistics of moving gear around.

Thanks to Domingo for the link!

*If anyone fancies writing a more accurate translation, then feel free!

26 thoughts on “Maynard interviewed on Chilean Radio

  1. bobbob

    i dont know whats up Maynards ass about not wanting tool questoins. hes slapping “tool” in the face by being that way. hes so bent on ‘i did things other then tool’ sorry buddy! your always going to be known for having done TOOL more then anything and he seems like hes not proud of that and he totally should be! we all know hes a crazy multi tasker/workaholic…not sure why he feels he has to prove himself so much and be a douchebag and lie/give lame answers to things related to tool. hes even writing a book to show everyone in print he did more then tool! dont get me wrong..i will read the book but hes got a chip on his shoulder in varying ways. time to relax maynard! chill out man! lol

  2. hellboy1975hellboy1975 Post author

    Personally I think Maynard is ok with Tool questions, so long as they don’t dominate. I think the problem he faces is that given the opportunity most interviewers would only ask Tool questions, hence the directive to not ask any.

  3. joeypants

    “To be an artist is to be a liar” – MJK

    I’m certainly not suggesting he doesn’t get truly annoyed, or that he isn’t less than enthusiastic about Tool anymore (I don’t really think that, per se, but still…). But I think it’s worth considering that Tool has always followed an ethos of “less is more” and mystery being a key aspect to their work.

    You can call it overly optimistic, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest that Maynard deliberately keeps things Tool-related that way because it is Tool. If you pay attention, Maynard is a big proponent of esoteric and occult ways of looking at everything. Him and Danny seem to be the biggest ones in that regard, although they’re different in how they express it obviously. It wouldn’t surprise me at all that the way he acts is a very deliberate way of keeping the “magic” surrounding a project/band that he knows is very special and probably still is near and dear to him.

    If you remember, in the last few years in an interview he gave (on his wine property no less), he said regarding Tool: “We will keep making music together until one of us is dead.” Whether it’s a real love for the band and their work, or some sacred blood-pact signed years ago… that doesn’t sound like the words of a man who just begrudges even working with them anymore.

    Or… maybe he’s just a dick. Or both.

  4. smithersSOCAL

    I thought people were “OGT” on this site??? T00l has always taken forever to record. Adam and the rest write the music….. which May-jay then sings over. no music to sing over… no music to release. MJK is the only one out there working so naturally people ask him where things are at with regard to new T00l. nothing new… same old, same old. i used to think all the mystery as to what they were upto was fun and exciting. now it’s just boring and old. it will be funny if the album doesn’t release till next year… and that shit better fucking be miraculous because if it’s not it will be another “the fragile” where there is no way the music can hold to the expectation of fans.

  5. ThatGuy

    Maybe all of us annoying Tool fans will push him into a place where he will have the rage again and need to cathartically exorcise those demons once again via a new album :)

  6. Bogart

    At first, I didn’t believe Maynard when he said he’s done nothing- I figured he was just fucking around and being a dick. I just couldn’t believe he’s done nothing. I’ve had a change in heart though- I’m sure he’s done nothing and it will be another year until this comes out. Hell, probably longer. For any hip hop fans out there, this album may be like Dr. Dre’s follow-up to the Chronic 2000 people have been waiting for for years.

  7. bobbob

    “Personally I think The Fragile is a laughable piece of teen angst-y shit.
    “Industrial” music for Smashing Pumpkins fans.”

    HAHA, i dont mind the fragile but i didnt buy Reznors doom and gloom on it so much. with the downward spiral i still feel he meant what he said. he wasnt being whiny or fake..but i agree and have said in the last few years nine inch nails is a kids band. their good when your a teenager. but once i got older i just cant listen to that stuff anymore. even the old stuff thats good, i just cant do it… so its good for young people but i think it doesnt hold up as well when you get older.

    maynards got a pickle up his ass. i think people try to justify that. good point about keeping the magic their and being all esoteric. i have def thought of that and they like to keep tool secretive..but at the same time i think its a tad far reaching and not true when they keep the same attitude and be stupid about it year after year. the ‘magic’ wears off with that b.s….. more so maynard..danny seems happy to not be so stupid about it…. and adam doesnt talk and no one really interviews justin were screwed! :) (and u cant listen to i even had to say that but i did! haha)

  8. inequitude

    Gah :

    February 5, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    I have a new “theory” and that is that Adam is out of ideas when it comes to music. Dude cant write 8-10 songs in 6 +years? i think he said everything he wanted to say and is struggling finding a way to end Tool with a record good enough to be called a Tool record.

  9. doorsdoors

    Maybe that little tidbit in the latest newsletter outlining major news in f=the first weeks of February is that the album won’t be out this year. That would be Blair’s biggest dogact.

  10. doorsdoors

    February 5, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    I have a new “theory” and that is that Adam is out of ideas when it comes to music. Dude cant write 8-10 songs in 6 +years? i think he said everything he wanted to say and is struggling finding a way to end Tool with a record good enough to be called a Tool record.”

    Agreed, he is running out of ideas and this may have started during the Lateralus tour. He turned a tour jam into a song(s) for the next album (Wings for Marie/1000Days). Yep, he is running out of ideas…too busy with *cough* Yoko Ono*cough, I meant Korin or whatever her name is.

  11. ThatGuy

    I’m excited for yall down under who might get to see Tool. But fuckin a, i hope a tour is used to clock in some major writing/composing time. 2014 feels like a very long time from now. I get the the whole secrecy things because it really does works and keeps us interested in Tool. But this is taking a little too long with not much given on the progress of the album. Hopefully more interviews with Danny will pop up soon.

  12. Sollus

    I know a lot of you guys/gals have been getting increasingly frustrated about this sort of thing but I don’t see a point to it. What are you going to do about it? Write a nasty comment and assume that it’s going to shame them in to making a new album for you? Not happening. I was extremely grateful for when 10,000 Days came out mainly because I feared they were going to retire or break up. I first found them after they were done touring for Lateralus when I was 15 or 16 and thought I might never see them live because they were an older band. Thankfully, I got to see them one time on the 10,000 Days tour and it still to this day is my favorite concert. Would I prefer them to come out with a new album this year? Hell yes, but I’m not the decision maker there. They will do what they want and none of you will be able to do anything about it. Might was well just go with it or stop being a fan if it pisses you off. I hope we get to have one more album of original material before they call it quits though because I am in a much better place financially to be able to go see more shows this time around. Thankfully, I’ve seen APC twice and Puscifer three times now.

    ***Puts flame suit on***

  13. bobbob

    ah, i didnt say i didnt like the fragile. its the last really good nin album imo. and i know im not the only one that thinks that way. but as far as ‘do your research’ about it what does that have anything to do with it? nothing. its how i feel on it with the lyrics and his ‘too fucked up to care anymore’ just seems a bit whiny and fake to me. i know what he went thru and all that….i just dont buy it. not on that album! but who gives a fuck anyway… lol i mean seriously.

  14. smithersSOCAL

    not hating on the fragile. Just using that a reference point. TR himself said the record was all over the place and hurt by the super long time he spent working on it. I personally love the fragile.

  15. smithersSOCAL

    Ravenpig February 5, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    I’m guessing Smithers said that about The Fragile because of its weak sales compared to The Downward Spiral.

    not referring to sales. think anticipation….. and expectations. which over time grow, so that nothing can ever meet said expectations. again. shit takes forever with them. but its always been this way.

  16. doorsdoors

    “They are all working, not just maynard. It’s taking a while, that’s fine. “- Snazzlefrass

    Work?!? They should count themselves blessed they don’t have a 9-6 job that is WORK. To them work constitutes of overseas holidays, proposing at WWF events, getting hurt doing teenage activities like riding on scooters, etc etc. In no way is that work – more like a HOLIDAY. No wonder they haven’t got shit done in almost a decade. Lethargic and neglectful. Maynard got more output in the last few years than TOOL’s whole catalog.

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