Australian music site Tonedeaf recently had the opportunity to chat with Maynard about the upcoming Puscifer tour. It’s not a bad interview, though doesn’t reveal too much we didn’t already know either:

Between writing, recording, and moonlighting as an actor (he’s had bit parts in cult film and television), it’s a wonder Keenan finds the time to upkeep an award-winning winery.

“I’m not going to be able to dedicate twelve months out of the year toward the project (Puscifer)” he concedes, but as “anyone who works in the wine industry [knows], there’s a window of time where you have to be in there doing that, and so as long as my bandmates understand that, we can completely work around that schedule. There’s plenty of time in the year.”

Still, that’s the beauty of Puscifer’s flexibility and independence, beholden to no contracts or restrictions but their own – and as Keenan notes, he’s no tyrant.

The “rotating door works”, because of its dynamic agreement. A member departing for other commitments is fine; “as long as you’re not gonna get mad when I hire this other guy,” he confers.

The usual topics were not entertained, though considering A Perfect Circle are also touring I found it a little odd that they were off the agenda…