Opiate 21st Anniversary Edition to be released?

A post on the Tool Facebook page is claiming that they will release a new 21st Anniversary Edition of their first EP Opiate. Here are the details:

TOOL will release a handcrafted, bonus-laden, limited edition package of their original debut EP, Opiate, on Mar. 26 to mark the 21st anniversary of the six-song release.

The anniversary edition is limited to 5,000 copies and features art direction by Adam Jones, illustrations by legendary artist Adi Granov and design packaging by Mackie Osborne, who has collaborated with TOOL on many albums including 10,000 Days, Lateralus and Salival as well as posters and merchandise.

The 5,000 copies will be broken down as 5 x 1,000 runs with each set featuring a variation of the exterior graphics and included bonus items which include a new stereoscopic image for fans to use with their glasses from the 10,000 Days packaging.

The packages will only be available via TOOL’s website (www.toolband.com) on Mar. 26 and there will be no pre-orders. A limit of three packages from each of the 5 x 1,000 versions will be in place. More details to be announced soon.

Facebook is an unusual way for Tool to release information such as this, and at time of writing there’s no confirmation on Toolband. Doesn’t seem to be any indication of some bonus audio, which is something I’d like to see included in the package.

I think we’ve all had enough of the “why aren’t Tool releasing the new album” argument, so lets keep discussion in this post on topic, rather than create another 10-page whinge-fest.

32 thoughts on “Opiate 21st Anniversary Edition to be released?

  1. demmons

    We would both love a vinyl run, I know that bkgg. Im sure Ill try my hardest to snag at least one of these. Hopefully if it is digital, itll be chock full of easter eggs.

  2. Zwerewolf

    They should release a box set containing the old albums with the new album and add some bonus shit. Then I’ll consider spending dough to get old shit I already have. Don’t really care about the artwork unless it’s at the live show. Dream dream dream.

  3. SirGreat

    I would also like to know if this is a a vinyl release. CD releases seem to be a waste of time these days…nobody buys them and they look dinky compared to the artwork involved with a vinyl release. If it was vinyl I’d probably buy it. If not, then I’d most likely leave it alone or download whatever may be extra bonus live tracks or whatever.

  4. mikelisse

    five different versions with their own unique artwork?! definite money grab, in my opinion. and yeah yeah, i get it: “SEEEEND MORE MONEY! FUUUUCK YOU BUDDY!” once you start re-releasing shit i think you cross the line of ‘not being in it for the money.’ ugh i think this may be the only time i have posted negatively here; i am usually defending the shit out of Tool but i just really hate the re-release move. like others said, if this includes some unreleased audio tracks GREAT! YES! HURRAH! but just some new artwork, meh. don’t worry i’ll be buying all five.

    1. ThatGuy

      I feel ya buddy. Trying to remain positive but its dark days for Tool fans.

      21-year anniversary? Hopefully this is a joke and we can laugh heartily when they actually release something NEW.

  5. smithersSOCAL

    the EP isnt out of print and the vinyl can be found at most music stores easily. would be a lot nicer to have an aenima vinyl reissue. or (shock) a 10K days vinyl… if this story is true. it sounds kinda lame. but Mackie does amazing work with the Melvin’s special edition vinyl so who knows how it would turn out.

  6. inequitude

    Limit of 5 x 1,000? – how many of the Lateralus vinyls were pumped out?
    AJ mentioned doing comics with Adi Granov in the JJJ interview the other week… so not entirely left-field, I guess. His style looks like it could crank a decent version of the priest.
    Little meh about a re-release, but it’s better than nothing.

  7. bogie314

    I’m certain that BMB’s post on 12.18.12 was referring to this release. I can see a new track or two given MJK’s position on matters in the industry and age….

    “Something that might be encouraging to some Tool enthusiasts is that while riding with Danny to Chili John’s yesterday, I heard a lot of new Tool music (sans Maynard). This was the most new material that I’ve heard so far, although a few of the riffs and arrangements were familiar. So, what did I think? Dare I say that it sounded like… Tool (some of it reminiscent to earlier Tool stuff, with other parts pushing the envelope), and I assume that it will sound even more like Tool once the vocal melodies, etc. have been added. To answer your next question, I cannot say how far along in the writing process the band is. If I had to GUESS, I would say more than half way (and keep in mind that in the past, at least, the writing went faster once the first few [more complex] songs were finished).”

  8. bobbob

    im not knocking this just yet!!! if its true wouldnt a remaster of opiate be in order? not that im into remasters cause usually they arnet good but they would prob do a good job and it would be worth it. and really the full show from the Jello Loft if i remember correctly were the live tunes were recorded for the EP would be part of this package then that would kick ass!

    im more into hearing something unique to offer this package then see cool artkwork. u know its going to be aesome though, even if its lack luster in terms of different music to add to it.

  9. bobbob

    i do like that hand they have on the facebook page! its the old artwork look and has that rawness to it that all the Alex Grey piecesdo not have! i hope they get back to that RAW sorta vibe..

  10. budtkr

    are you guys missing the point this reissue maybe remastered… most albums reissued are remastered….packaging would be that sweet cherry on TOP!
    spank me if im wrong!

  11. children

    More live tracks would be absolutely worth it, but if there isn’t any bonus/unreleased songs, has anyone thought that maybe in the case of Opiate, they used up all their extra material on Undertow. That would explain the reason for no bonus tracks.


    I bet they will play the song OPIATE. Such a unique song.

    This release is a good sign. Tool tends to gear up to a new album with tool-related activities.

    Not sure why someone would say “money-grab” about Tool. If they really wanted to be obnoxious with “moneygrabbing”, they would be doing way more of this kind of thing.

    Also, when you get your welfare check, do you call it a money grab? So dumb.

  13. tiresias

    I have seen Opiate a few times and it is a powerhouse live. They used to rotate Opiate and Aenima during the Lateralus touring days. Jerk-Off is obviously number one on the list of tracks to see, but I doubt they will ever play it again. I think the last timed they played it was as an encore at a NYE show with Primus at the Oakland Coliseum in 1995.

  14. tiresias

    And now we are fighting about American political affiliation on an Australian based Tool blog. Tyson, you have officially hit a new low. Go troll the WaPo comments if that is what gets you off.


    @whoever brought up Republicans:

    It is 2013. If you still believe that the two party system is real, and aligning with one side over another means a damn thing, you have A LOT to figure out.

    I said welfare check, because its usually people that do nothing all day that sit around and complain about something as simple as releasing an anniversary EP.
    People that actually have responsibilities and something on their plate during the day would understand the value of money, and if you are in a band, that is your job and how you make a living, so to say releasing an album is a “money grab” is meaningless and says more about your psyche than anything else.

    I don’t align with any religion, political party, or culture. I am some type of awareness that is playing a role in a human body currently, and can’t confirm what will be the case after this body expires.

    Go pat yourself on the back for “not playing nice” with other people that don’t align with your political beliefs. Congrats!!!!


    I’ll be buying an Opiate CD. Why not? I like the band, life is short. It’s a small thrill in a day that might be filled with a whole lot of annoyances or stresses. Why the rage and hate over everything?

    I guarantee when the new album does come out, those that have been complaining all along will NOT LIKE IT. In fact, you’ll just say its garbage/trash, and they shouldn’t have bothered. Just wait. So, it just seems to me that the expression of rage, anger and hurt isn’t really about Tool at all. They are long past the ability to make any of you haters care ever again.

    I’m just suggesting people ATTEMPT to be constructive in their thoughts and views of a band they claim to enjoy from time to time. Obviously, if you’re on this website and not a troll, you dig the band or have in the past. So, if that is the case, it would be cool and maybe the better form to give them just a percentage of your benefit of the doubt.

    Nah, FUGGIT. Let the rage FLOW & COMMENCE!

  17. children

    When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find peace of mind is waiting there, and the time will come
    when you see we’re all one and life flows on within you and without you…

  18. tiresias

    Tool Dildo!?? Sign me up. My old dildy is getting to be a bit old at 21 years. Plastic splinters are no bueno, let me tell you. Nothing like a good selfie to get the brain juices flowing.

  19. tiresias

    The only good point he made is that I need to post my picture…or a picture … to my profile. It looks like I will sign up for a Fourtheye membership now. I really enjoy the site and the news updates and the general camaraderie of Tool Fans. And HONESTLY nothing is better than trolling trolls who get out of hand.

    If I were a woman I would probably be extremely offended by what Tyson said, and even the “rank slut” comment. But, since I am an ugly man, I can only assume. Thanks for the backup.

  20. MarryHanback

    tiresias said
    Tool Dildo!?? Sign me up. My old dildy is getting to be a bit old at 21 years. Plastic splinters are no bueno, let me tell you. Nothing like a good selfie to get the brain juices flowing.

    Spiral in.
    Keep going.

  21. SirGreat

    To anyone who needs something to chew on until Tool’s new release : that “some shit” is from the amazing song “Within You Without You” by George Harrison on the amazing Beatles album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. There’s a psychedelic trip in that album that can last for years.

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