Adam explains the Opiate 21st Anniversary re-issue

Revolver published an interview today with Adam regarding the 21st Anniversary Edition of Opiate. He goes into more detail about the recording and politics of the album, as well as the new artwork being created for it. He also mentions that there are no bonus tracks:

Overall, how does Opiate hold up for you 21 years after its release?
It’s kinda like a time machine. It takes you back to that time and what you were thinking. Creatively speaking, there’s always room for improvement. Playing some of those songs live 21 years later, you’ve obviously evolved. And now Justin [Chancellor, bass] is in the band, which makes it that much different and better. So it’s fine. I mean, I’m sure you’ve written an article where you go back and look at it and wish you’d set it up differently. So you can always change stuff. But I’m very happy with it. It’s really fun to give it a birthday and celebrate it. It’s more of a special thank-you for the fans. I know that sounds weird because we’re selling it, but we just wanted to make sure we did something unique and special with it—which is why rather than just reissue the music, we’re going back and readdressing all the packaging and artwork. I felt like George Lucas going back and adding digital effects to Star Wars. I know a lot of people are against that, but I’m into it. It doesn’t change the story. I think it’s great. It’s stuff that you wanted to do back then but you couldn’t.

Is there anything specific you would change about it?
Maybe the way it’s mixed. But there’s a politic in that whole thing, too. You can’t just explain it to somebody, as far as capturing your music the way you want. As far as my guitar playing? Yeah, maybe I’d redo a lead or use a different effect here and there, but overall I like it. It’s something I’m very proud of.

He also talks in a little more detail about the delay in their next album:

You mentioned earlier that you guys are in writing mode. What’s the status of new Tool music?
I guess you wouldn’t be doing your job if you didn’t ask. [Laughs] It’s unfortunate that we haven’t put anything out in a while, but you know, we’ve changed as a band. It’s just like a marriage—you grow older, people change, and you’ve gotta adapt or move on. We’ve become even more eclectic and distant, so getting things done and getting together is very hard. There are a lot of other interests. But what I really want people to know is that it’s not a bad thing. I’m serious. I think there’s a little more respect now, and when there’s compromise, it’s a little more open. I don’t know if that’s just a matter of getting older and going, “Ah, fuck it,” or what. [Laughs]

I’ve been with these guys a long time, and we’ve outlasted all of our peers. I mean, I try to think of the bands we came up with that haven’t broken up or broken up and gotten back together, and I can’t think of one band. OK, the Melvins. But that’s it. And we kind of set that up early by deciding that no matter who does what we’re gonna split everything four ways. Some decisions have to be unanimous. Others are put to a vote. We’re really involved in the business side. We write our own checks. But as far as the writing? It’s been a little more lax—as in relaxed. But it’s nice. We live kind of cushy lives now, so we get together when we want. It makes everything go slow, which is unfortunate—we all would have liked to have been done with a new record a long time ago—but when it’s done, it’s gonna be good. And that’s the point. We’re not gonna put out something that sucks just to put it out. We also had two really bad things happen, things that I’m not gonna get into, that set us back emotionally and mentally. But we’re past them now, everybody’s recovered, and that process has kind of actually added to us focusing on being creative. So maybe sometimes bad things happen for a reason.

It’s a great interview, and worth the read.

27 thoughts on “Adam explains the Opiate 21st Anniversary re-issue

  1. Zwerewolf

    Nice clean place to post is just what we needed. I’ve always enjoyed listening to and reading Adam’s interviews the most of any of the members so I’m glad he’s been doing alot lately. I’m not really disappointed in this and I think I’m even more so inclined to purchase this. I wonder how difficult it’s going to be to order this. Is it for sale online only? Are they distributing physical copies anywhere? What time in my time zone does this go on sale? I’d like to sit at the computer and take my crack at ordering one… I think a meet and greet with the band for the golden tickets in addition to getting tickets to a show would be amazing. However, where would the show be and how much would it cost to have to travel to it if it’s long distance…. details details… I like that he addressed the fact that there’s no new material being released with this because they’ve been so busy writing. Again, I am one of the more patient people here with regard to their creative process and the time it’s been taking them to get this together. I cannot picture this being a price gouge in any way what so ever… 5,000 copies is 5,000 copies. As for some things that had set them back… alot can happen in 8 years… alot can happen in 1 year period. The divorce jumped out at me but wasn ‘t there an accident of some sort with one of the members? I wonder how serious that was? Anyways… I’m excited about this re-release but getting even more excited for the new album. I don’t for one second think that they will let us down. Cheers.

  2. children

    Are there bonus tracks on this thing?
    There are no bonus tracks. It’s the original CD in new packaging. We’re writing right now, so there’s not really the time to readdress that stuff. That’s why we’re not making that many. If it was a bigger commercial thing, there might be an expanded version.

    So it seems that since they didn’t have time to focus on this Opiate release, they decided to do a limited collector’s item for now, and in the future they will put together another a more widely available release with bonus tracks and whatnot.

  3. voidvoid

    By HellBoy’s comment I’m going to assume that there was a possible legal dispute between Paul D’Amour and the band over royalties and/or previous releases?

    If that’s what you mean by “where we are now” as in Opiate being able to get re-released. I could be totally off-base, but it’s fun to guess.

  4. NYHC81

    Nice of Adam to clear things up being on facebook they wrote “TOOL will release a handcrafted, bonus-laden, limited edition package of their original debut EP, Opiate, on Mar. 26 to mark the 21st anniversary of the six-song release.” So how is an EP released in the 90’s with a new cover “bonus laden”? How much are they charging for this hand crafted package?

  5. NYHC81

    And it can’t be a lawsuit with Paul being Danny just tracked a song with the guy. If they were entrenched in a lawsuit where they lost a significant amount of money and Danny did a song with Paul, Maynard would leave the band on general principle. Listened to the entire Joe Rogan Experience Podcast and MJK, he clearly has a line and if you cross it, say bye bye.

  6. NYHC81

    It would have been funny if instead of Adam saying “but when it’s done, it’s gonna be good.” he instead said….”but when it’s done, it’s gonna be good…at least we think it will be good.”

  7. voidvoid

    Oh possibly the Cam De Leon thing, but I thought that was already known.

    He did define their image pretty heavily with his Aenima and Salival artwork, but then they took it in a totally different direction by Lateralus anyway. He just wanted some quick cash I guess.

  8. BellJH

    “were past it now, everyones recovered” sounds like they all had to go to rehab after an epic LSD binge in the loft. Maybe that had something to do with danny crashing his scooter

  9. Zwerewolf

    Tyson said
    That golden ticket prize is pretty fucking lame if there is only 5 of them.

    I’ll have to agree that them not knowing what the prize is going to be yet is pretty damn lame but I’ll also have to say that’s an indicator showing how tied up they really are with this writing business. As for the golden tickets themselves… it’s kind of cool that there are only 5. I think if they released too many of them it wouldn’t be special at all… Side Note: Anyone else notice the two posts that are close together on the toolband site that state MTVoid’s album is shipping free now? Definitely trying to pushit so I’ll say it’s not selling very well. I was going to buy one myself initially but their stupid website wouldn’t let me order it in the beginning. Then I decided against it after hearing songs on youtube. Not saying justins parts are bad but listening to vocals in another language just doesn’t do anything for me. On the newer post about shipping… good luck finding anyone in Oklahoma with a computer that can actually even access the internet… Wonder if the Opiate re-release will have issues with ordering as well? I’ll assume so….

  10. smithersSOCAL

    fascinating read. it’s nice to have actual news from the source. it’s telling that they (AJ) are more involved in the business side of things. any guesses from folks as to what the opiate reissue will cost?

    I hope the issues noted were nothing of the health variety because that would really suck.

    on a side note I recently saw meshuggah here in LA. there was this rowdy group standing next to my friends and I. they were cool and clearly digging the show as we were. show is over… it was Danny and his posse. said a quick hello…. nicest most gracious guy ever.

  11. toolrocks

    Bottom line is they got (or feel) fucked the first time they put out Opiate, MJK being the money makin machine that he is said “said hey I have an idea”…..Fool me once shame on you fool me twice empty wallets lil sheep. Adams reply.. yea yea thats great Ill add some artwork and have some oldtime printer pump them out, it’ll be great!!!! Im over the whole wish they would put out an album already thing so I couldn’t care less what they do these days, go gettem TOOL. Ive seen TOOL so many times in the early days, I know I will never see those days again. I remember when I first bought Opiate. The only reason I bought it was because of the album cover, I was hooked ever since. I get where they are coming from, if I were in their position I probably wouldnt have even put out 10000 days. I feel fortunate that I got to see them in those angry,hungry days. Peace out

  12. Cheesus

    Safe to say you’re not speaking of Judith….? Care to speculate on which member this other
    item may be linked too? And I’m not inquiring because of the gossip factor…just genuinely want
    to know is all

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