“I thought it was cool.” Adam talks about Limp Bizkit (and Opiate)

A new interview with Adam Jones appeared on Spin today, in which he talked about the recording of Opiate, as well as the upcoming reissue:

What went through your mind when you listened to Opiate again?
A lot of things. I’m proud of what we did. We worked hard, and it’s this little photograph or postcard from that time. It’s like a time machine.

What songs stood out to you most?
The live tracks, “Cold and Ugly” and “Jerk-Off,” which we don’t play anymore. I kind of miss them. Something else that stood out were the themes of Opiate and the way all the songs lead to [the title track]. It’s more the feeling of the record that hit me. It’s hard to describe.

Hopefully we’ll have something other than Opiate to talk about soon!

8 thoughts on ““I thought it was cool.” Adam talks about Limp Bizkit (and Opiate)

  1. grr915

    Getting to a point “where there all happy” could be inferred to as a point where they are ready to get into the studio. As Danny has said in the past……there is only so much you can do with a song/album and you gotta find a point where everyone is happy and can accept themselves for how lame they are at that point. But who knows with this band, it could still be months until they are ready to get into the studio. Just gotta wait it out, nothing we can do about it.

    1. ThatGuy

      O yes there is something we can do: complain through this website. Studies have shown a correlation between the amount of whining online and the intended result being increased exponentially.

  2. ThatGuy

    A little tension seems to be good for the band. They almost broke up before Lateralus and look at the work that came out of that. Butting heads inspires creative energy and gives them sound ground to work with. Maybe some of the songs will be Schismish. jah feel?

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