Justin interviewed in Rolling Stone Australia Magazine

Justin was interviewed by Rolling Stones Robyn Doreian during the recent interview frenzy, and it’s just appeared on the shelves this month. Here’s a snippet:

“It’s never taken us this long,” he says. “If it’s not happening, then it’s just not happening. We will not put out something we are not satisfied with. We are a bit slower this time. We are older, we are different and our situations are different. We are just accepting of the fact that it’s going to take a lot more patience.”

He mentions it’s unlikely the album will be out in 2013. Justin also talks about maturing as a person, M.T.void and how he expects the coming tour to draw from old and newer material during a “sensory overload” spanning several hours. Over all a relatively short interview, but full of interesting snippets.

For those wanting a copy, I purchased mine for just over $5 via the Google Play store. Here’s a link, though I’m not sure if it will be available to non-Australians.

Thanks to Calfium Jay for the tip.

23 thoughts on “Justin interviewed in Rolling Stone Australia Magazine

  1. Bogart

    Sounds like they have writers block? “If its not happening, it’s just not happening. ” Who knows when the hell this will come out. To me, it just sounds like they really aren’t into the band anymore. Adam says they’ve become a lot more distant now. I guess that could be taken several ways. Maynard seems to care more about Puscifer and his wine. Its just hard to see where their mind is at. I really haven’t heard anything positive about the band or album as of late.

  2. king

    “I really haven’t heard anything positive about the band or album as of late.”

    Listen to Adams last radio interview he sounded super positive, i think its gonna be Epic.
    Though i dont think we’l see it til around 2015 or 2016.

  3. Zwerewolf

    Bogart Said:
    March 21, 2013 at 7:08 am
    Sounds like they have writers block? “If its not happening, it’s just not happening. ” Who knows when the hell this will come out. To me, it just sounds like they really aren’t into the band anymore. Adam says they’ve become a lot more distant now. I guess that could be taken several ways. Maynard seems to care more about Puscifer and his wine. Its just hard to see where their mind is at. I really haven’t heard anything positive about the band or album as of late.

    Zwerewolf Responds: I don’t think they have writers block. I think when he’s saying “If its not happening, it’s just not happening.” he’s referring to the past. When Adam spoke of the distance he was speaking about when they last disbanded. When they’ve spoken of practicing and writing recently all three of them have had very positive reviews.
    They’ll Definitely mesh again there’s not doubt about it. I really liked how he said that he’s “become more mature” and isn’t such a kid anymore. Especially hearing that he’s been the main driving force behind the writing sessions which thoroughly excites me because he’s such an intricately woven piece of this band and to the more sub-par listeners of the band he probably doesn’t even stand out. That’s about to change I believe.
    I think I’m most interested to hear who they select a producer. I really really really really really want to hear they select Dave Bottrill again. That formula seemed to work very well for their best two albums.

    Best Regards,

  4. Zwerewolf

    Bottrill! Bottrill! Bottrill! Well said VOID. I’ll also predict 2014. Sounds like everything is on schedule. The new SPIN article with Adam sheds light. He’s been so positive lately.

  5. Zwerewolf

    Bottrill, right before saying that they needed to move on, said he’d love to work with them again but understood that they needed to move on. I think they need to move back to him and that would be the change they need. He brought out the best in TOOL and moving to Joe Baressi (10,000 Days) was not the best move. Adam didn’t like Bottrill in the beginning because he was more drum based and didn’t know so much about guitar. My guess is Bottrill learned everything he needed to know about guitar by the time Lateralus was finished. Bottrill will be perfect…

  6. Zwerewolf

    Bottrill admitted not knowing guitar very well and that Adam had to guide him and said that it was “very sweet” how Adam kind of lead him in the direction he needed to go. But I do think you’re right for the most part. Someone was frustrated and I think it was Danny. Either way… Bottrill needs to be the man again. That’s what will send this next album over the top and rectify the long wait.

  7. Zwerewolf

    It’s flattering to have someone cover your song is mainly what I think he meant. Limp Bizkit (very lame) have a guitar virtuoso in the band which is the only thing I see making it respectable. Wes Borland is pretty amazing at what he does.
    Adam also cannot openly come out and say… “OH yeah that version sucked I hated it.” without stirring up a shit storm of media related bullshit. I guarantee the headline the very next day would be “Adam Jones of TOOL calls Limp Bizkit’s cover of Opiate terrible” or something better written but of the same subject matter…
    I don’t think that’s the attention Adam would like right now, nor is it a distraction he’d like to deal with while writing the new album.

    Bottrill all the way.


    I thought adams comment about “March Madness” was interesting…wondering how close they are….

    loft renovations, maynard in town, shows coming up…it would be great if they were getting near the last phase of writing. Seems like they could do these shows and then wrap up the album over the summer, and then plan for studio time.

    So yeah, sometime 2014

  9. Zwerewolf

    Don’t get me wrong, the production on 10,000 days is good however, Lateralus is my all time favorite album with Aenima as a close 2nd. Bottrill really captured the escense of TOOL. He for some reason was able to percieve and influence the message, the cohesion between the members and the overall emotion that I think we are all so very impressed with.

    I don’t think anyone else can possibly get them back to that space again other than Bottrill. That’s the album we’re all waiting 8 years for! We all love 10,000 days but if that’s what we get next year I don’t think we’ll be happy. Sure I guess you can argue in a world of infinite possibility that there’s another producer out there that can capture a similar record but the odds of them selecting that one person are very slim. I’ll hope for it and won’t be too disappointed if they don’t choose him. Regardless… they are TOOL and they won’t let us down.

    @Drury Other than rehearsing before the big shows I’ll bet they’re showing him what they’ve done so far. This should definitely get his gears turning and so long as he’s positive about it I’ll bet it sends the whole process spiraling into awesomeness. Studio time by fall I’d say would be likely.

  10. Zwerewolf

    I’m sure Lou Pearlman could find some way to make money that’s for sure… However… not exactly TOOLesque type of producer. Unless Adam wants to get rid of those long grey locks and get short spiky bleached blonde hair. Danny to follow suit and Justin to shave his beard… Hmmm… ages are a little off though. WTF?


    10,000 Days is the counterbalance to Lateralus. It leaves open a brand new possibility for the 5th album. I do tend to enjoy the Botrill style more in the long run, simply because it sounds more futuristic, or spacey…..but i LOVE the heavy bass of 10KD, and certain passages on the album sound unbelievable.

    Not sure what the word is…..but the great thing about Lateralus is how it doesnt sound dated to any time period, lyrically or musically. I guess thats why ppl react badly to 10KD….but i see it as a necessity. Tool had to blow it out the way they did….

    Now that they’re older and more “mature”, i can see them combining ALL the elements that make them great, along with some new angles and deliver something pretty special. I also think the new stuff will be a little “catchier” and slightly easier to enjoy right away, the way Aenima is.

    I guess we’ll see…

  12. Zwerewolf

    March 21, 2013 at 5:07 pm
    markuspoop said

    petemasterpete said
    Lou Pearlman

    Nah. Let’s see what Ron Pearlman could do producing Tool’s next album.

    I want to see Ron Paul’s Tool album.

    Wow… seriousness… congrats guys you’re officially not funny.

  13. Calfium Jay

    Off topic, but for those interested there’s also a decent interview with Black Sabbath regarding their new album in the latest Rolling Stone.

    But yeah, it was a surprise to open the magazine while I was enjoying my roast pork and coleslaw sandwich and iced tea and suddenly see the words “Tool” and “fifth lp” in a headline as initially I had bought the magazine solely for the new Bowie interview.

    Sometimes you just get lucky….

  14. voidvoid

    The drums on 10,000 Days DO sound good. You just can’t hear them very well sometimes, or in great detail. It takes away from the impact of a lot of what Danny does. A lot of what makes his playing unique are the nuances within it.

    The only song on 10KD where the drums are mixed at a good/similar level to Aenima and Lateralus is on Vicarious. Listen to the volume level of the drums on Viacrious vs. the rest of the album. You’ll hear the difference.

  15. Bogart

    I would rather them take their time (which they definitely are) than release something to appease the fans. I don’t like it, but I don’t defend it. There’s nothing I can do about it. What am I going to do, boycott Tool because they’re taking their sweet ass time releasing an album?

    It seems like people want others to be angry and lash out on Tool about how long it’s taken them to get this thing out. The way I see it, they don’t have to do shit. So anything new I can get my paws on, I’ll try to appreciate. They’re by far my favorite band. I wish they would have out out more albums in their 20+ year existence, but they haven’t, life goes on.

    This is probably their last hurrah. Who knows if they will put out another album…it just seems to get harder and harder for them. For me though, half of the fun is in the buildup honestly. Checking Toolarmy, fourtheye, Toolshed and using social media to see if there are any updates regarding the album and hearing everyone’s reaction within this little community.

  16. bogie314

    As usual, mike tyson sharing his bad breath with us all….hey, bum news bear, go brush your teeth or stfu I just wasted another 3 seconds reading your stinky cyber farts about an album that instantly dropped into the classic ahead of its time pile 7 years ago. it screams blood, sweat and tears all around and dumps like you can’t even get out of bed to brush their teeth before sharing it with us like we give a shit about your constant negativity or judging. Cheers mate, here’s hoping you finally catch an std!

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