Opiate 21st Anniversary reissue on sale to the public

Just a quick post to let you all know the 21st Anniversary Opiate reissue is now on sale to the general public via the Tool store. The price and five different options remain the same as for the Toolarmy sale. Open your wallet!

40 thoughts on “Opiate 21st Anniversary reissue on sale to the public

  1. Zwerewolf

    Grrrrrahhhhhhyawwwwwwwnnnnn…… muhmuhmuh…. Yeah…. wish I could see them in Australia or NZ…. o well… I’ll just wait for the new album. I’ll assume a tour comes along with that release…? Anyone see Adam’s instagram post of a dead blowfish? He somehow captured my excitement level about this waste of time on the re-release…

  2. lucidcandle

    i’m just hoping management is waiting until sales die down or sell out to release the band interviews for a last surge to sell them out so we can read them soon

  3. Calfium Jay

    Look, they hardly EVER release ANYTHING!
    And this one is signed – making it all the more personal.
    I don’t own Opiate, nor have I ever listened to it (apart from 2 or 3 tracks).
    In the grand scheme of things – and speaking as an avid record collector – this is worth it.
    I’ve blown more more than that in one go on hookers….

  4. n812w

    Glad to see a post go more than 50 responses without a complaint about the new album! For our international friends I have seen atleast 10 on ebay, including 1 listing that holds all 5 variations of the release, for sale there now. Most are going for about $199 which isnt to bad of a mark up for a middle man so that you all can get your copies. Some where going towards $300 which sucks. Hopes this helps. And here is to hoping that one of our readers here win a golden ticket! and btw got #3 during the TA sale.

  5. Hammer

    Am I the only one in here who absolutely DOUBTS that all four members found the time to actually sign 5000 (!!!) copies of this EP?

    C’mon. You guys can’t be this gullible.



    The recent comments by tyson, doors and crow solidify that they are Grade-A Douchebags.

    No need to ever directly interact anymore. I didn’t realize they were really that shitty.



    Less than 5,000 out of a couple million fans…..obviously most people aren’t going to “gobble” this up. Its just for those that really like it. The haters are just doing what they do best, which is cry about Tool and fantasize that they are the BOSS OF THEM.


  8. thesheedspot

    boss of them. hahahahaha. i command a mighty army consisting of many bands! the local natives protect my flanks while kendrick lamar is the vanguard of my revolution! tool, in absentia of new pirate-able material, merely waste away their days at the VFW of my itunes library.

  9. walterwalter

    so the “haters” are obviously entitled to their opinions, but i just don’t get it.

    clearly you guys love their music, or you wouldn’t be on this site. and clearly you’re disillusioned with their approach of late. but come on, it’s a free country. you don’t want to buy what they’re selling – don’t. your comments are moot because changing tool’s approach would mean they’d be different people and would put out different music. they are who they are.

    i mean, shit, i hate waiting for the new album as much as anyone, but i’m too grateful for all that their previous albums have given me to ever demand anything else. when it comes, it’ll come and it’ll be amazing. you can’t rush this shit.

    as for opiate specifically, i bought one (#4) and am really curious what it’s all about. this is not a money making venture for them. by the time you’re done with the cost of manufacturing, paying off adi whatshisname and all the other business expenses, they’ll probably be left with $400K profit (probably less). what the fuck? $100K each? that’s nothing for them. plus they’ll probably pay off some royalties to paul. they could have made a LOT more if they charged half the price and released 4 times as much. it would still sell out. and they wouldn’t have to sign ’em either.

    i don’t think it was about the money. they really thought this would be a special move that needed to happen.

  10. Zwerewolf

    Did you get an increase in traffic on this site as far as new users go since this re-release hit? I’m seeing alot of new names in here…

  11. ScottSherrod

    some of you guys are insane. yeah bands rerelease stuff because they busted their asses off. this is the album that started it all, 21 years later look where they are and the things they are producing. it is celebrating that. remastering the music or adding any tracks to it would taint what it symbolizes. instead they just gave it the packaging it rightfully deserves and signed it, though that must be a little awkward for JC, and threw in extra stuff because they care how awesome everything is that they release. show me this giant list of bands that gives you equal quality content, can’t imagine it is very long.

  12. bobbob

    so i guess their sold out now. so lets see, thats 750 grand for new artwork in a cardboard sleeve and a sore arm for a few days. this is for the fans! lol



    good to see someone with a sense of reality here. Great comments.

    these days, its just too hard for people to not be overly negative, cynical, and bitchy. It’s too bad.


    DRURY said

    Less than 5,000 out of a couple million fans…..obviously most people aren’t going to “gobble” this up. Its just for those that really like it. The haters are just doing what they do best, which is cry about Tool and fantasize that they are the BOSS OF THEM.

    How does a band get any money? From us, dickhead. Are you aware of how simple economics work? You do something for me, I pay you. It’s called a job.

    And if you think we’re such terrible individuals, then STOP TALKING TO US. The only time we directly reply to your posts is when you mention us.

    I’m surrounded by fucking idiots.

    I would love to see you say any of this bitchy shit to a band member to their face.

    *crow meets danny*
    “Hey Danny, you fucking dick why did you charge so much for that signed limited edition CD with a bunch of artwork, what a douche you are! I’m your BOSS and i DEMAND that you do what I want!!!!!”

    you’re a psychopath.

  15. Zwerewolf

    Zwerewolf said: @hellboy Did you get an increase in traffic on this site as far as new users go since this re-release hit? I’m seeing alot of new names in here…

    Hellboy1975 said: Been a steady increase in traffic since the beginning of the year. Probably getting about 20-30% more traffic now than we were mid-January.

    I’m glad something good is coming out of the hype for you. You run a really nice site here and it’s always the first site I check when I’m looking for new TOOL, APC, MELVINS, info.

    Speaking of info, I read somewhere else (a few months ago and never thought to ask you) that James Iha made a statement saying he would no longer be playing with APC or anyone else because he found out he has aids (that’s the short of it). Have you heard anything about this at all and could you possibly shed some light on it for me? I know James is quite the little jokester most times and I wouldn’t put it past him…

    Can’t find any other info on this. If it’s true it makes me incredibly sad because Pumpkins were one of my favs as a youngster and James has always been a virtuoso in my eyes.

    Thanks for your hospitality Hellboy.

    Best Regards,


  16. n812w

    got an email showing shipped so cant wait to see if I get that seal. Whatever the winners get, it has to be better than an autographed limited run of opiate so it should be pretty good. it would be nice if the usb thing had some live video on it.

  17. n812w

    seems there is already a seal holder winner per toolband.com seems strange seeing as they just went on sale. Must be one they gave to someone they know.

  18. Alittlevil

    I bought it in the TA presale and in the store order history it does not say shipped but I received an email saying that it had. So who knows I guess.

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