Opiate reissue to be signed?

A new photo Adam posted on Instagram today suggests that the Opiate reissue will be signed by all members of the band. Presumably all 5000. Edit: According to Danny on Children of Saturn today it appears 2000 are signed.

I bet their hands were so sore afterwards they couldn’t bring themselves to writing any new songs! Bastards!

28 thoughts on “Opiate reissue to be signed?

  1. Zwerewolf

    HAHA! All of this speculation on the pricing is insane at times. I can’t see them releasing this for $150. That’s $750,000 returned to them for RE-releasing an album with new packaging… heinous if it’s over $40.00.

  2. Zwerewolf

    The autographs don’t really add value to it FOR ME. But I do think that will add value later… $100 still seems steep for a RE-release. Speculation is over next week though eh?

  3. bobbob

    wow, 34 replies and it wasnt till the 2nd last one someone actually said ‘some will be signed for more cash and some will be regularly priced’

    makes sense to me and i was going to say that too~! just like the tool posters at the show..130 for signed and 30 unsigned. if they stuck to that recipe all sigs will be 100 plus whatever the cd cost they want.

    not sure i will bother on this one. depends ..but def not a signed one!

  4. Bogart

    I’d say it will be 75-100 for signed copies and about 35 for standard issue. Hoping to get the signed copy for sure. Still interested to hear all the details about this release.

  5. Zwerewolf

    @drunkonarrival from instagram posted this as a response to Adam’s Instagram post… “My boy @ickertorres would love to be the proud owner of one of those, to go with his MJK wine.”

    The reason I’m posting this is because I’d like to see how we respond to that retarded posting as a group. These are what the people (morons) that aren’t registered with this site act and think like… If you have instagram you should read some of the rest of the comments… One pertained to something along the lines of getting an unsigned copy from itunes… :-O

    There are some people out there that are completely clueless. Just an attempt to get us all to see that we’re kind of on the same side here… We’re the ones that check for new info almost every day and take the time to interact with people that enjoy something as much as we do.

    That is all…


    Look at the people that put no value on artwork, and you see a generation gap. Funny, because adam mentions this in his Spin interview.

    These kind of people don’t put value on much of anything, come to think of it.

    I find an anniversary limited ed. Opiate CD with new packaging and artwork a neat thing, and don’t mind paying for it. For this to be a wild position on a tool fan site is strange to me.

    What does appear to be of great value, is for people to let everyone know just how dissastisfied they are with EVERYTHING the band does.

  7. lipanconjuring

    Looks like a cardstock trifold case, maybe? I can see them selling these for $100 a pop, if the asking prices for their signed tour posters are any indication.

  8. username

    I’d love to get my hands on this but personally I think it’s pretty absurd for Justin to be signing a copy of Opiate when he wasn’t even remotely involved in the project. Don’t get me wrong, Justin’s the man but I mean the band should have more respect for their former bass player, afterall I am assuming he will get royalties for this release. Heck, maybe he’s the one that pushed for it considering his new band has already fizziled out by the looks of things lol

  9. smithersSOCAL

    I put zero value in it. it’s nice and all as a fan but bands charging extra for a signature is really tacky.

    I got a signed Melvin’s poster from their last show in SF.. it’s got this rad upside down cross piercing goofys head. $30 bucks. buzz and co. and don’t charge extra for the privledge of owning something they signed.

  10. Bogart

    It will probably be around midnight ET. I’m really hoping to cop these. I wish Blair would just release the info already. Keep checking Facebook?! How about you just post it on the website already…

  11. Bogart

    Seems like a lot of their things get released around midnight ET. Of course, I think it’s 9 PM LA time. I could be wrong though. I just remember thinking, “Goddamn, I gotta work tomorrow but I gotta stay up to get this.”

    I was more referring to Blair releasing the details about the Opiate EP, not necessarily the sale time. I imagine the interview he did with AJ will be released in the next few days. Hell, it may just be included in the March newsletter.

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