Opiate Reissue: What we know!

Blair posted a few further details shortly about the Opiate reissue, and I thought I’d take the time to summarise what we already know:

  • The Opiate reissue will feature new artwork from Adi Granov, a few other extra items pertaining to the new art design (Adam mentioned stickers ad stereoscopic art), and a certificate of authenticity.
  • All of the copies of Opiate will be signed by the current members of Tool.
  • The package will contain an Opiate CD (not vinyl) with no extra musical bonuses
  • There are five different variations, 1000 of each for a total of 5000.
  • Each variation of 1000 contains a special (randomly chosen) “SEAL OF XATANITOS” which entitles the bearer of to a certain prize. This “seal” will be included on the 5 unique certificates of authenticity contained in the prize winning package.
  • Buyers will be limited to 3 per variant, so presumably can buy up to 15 in total.
  • Update: Price is $150 each.
  • It will go on sale to the public on March 26th
  • There will be a Toolarmy presale on March 22nd. All edition will be available, however one 1000 in total will be for sale (200 of each variety). Toolarmy presale is over!
  • Update: Toolarmy Opiates went on sale at around 9am PST. Expect the public items to go on sale at a similar time.

I hope this answers some of your questions. Personally, I don’t think this will sell out super fast, so I don’t think there’s a need to be checking out Toolarmy every 30 seconds to see if it’s up yet. And it will probably be much easier to get a copy in public sale than during the Toolarmy one.

39 thoughts on “Opiate Reissue: What we know!

  1. thirdeye42012

    What is your $100 guess based on? The original’s like $7.99 retail, how could they justify such a hike for some new art and autographs??

    I guess we’ll see tomorrow…

  2. levba

    I’m in Canada and Tool forbids selling to Canadians. If someone can purchase one for me (any variation) I can send funds via PayPal right away. Regardless of what Tool sells them for I’ll buy it…cover all shipping and throw a some extra money for your time.

  3. Alittlevil

    Got one yay. Listened to the original in the garage two nights ago. Very excited. Thanks to my wife who will never read this message for letting me spend the money. I hope maynard uses his share for a brazilian wax.

  4. vuduuu

    Quite sneaky how they swapped the Tool catalog links around.. what about us preppers that were happy hitting F5.. anyway.. interesting.. pricey.. all those people with good jobs and disposable income buying up big for golden tickets? not me :(

  5. Zwerewolf

    I had already set a limit in my head for how much I’d pay for this…. They priced it $75 over that limit. Sorry TOOL but this isn’t for fans it’s for collectors only. It’s official… this is a gouge… If I bought it I would only open it with hopes of getting the golden ticket… This will hold value later on but… meh… Still not worth $150 to me.

  6. Zwerewolf

    @adrian I don’t blame you for not being able to pull the trigger. This is a phat money grab for TOOL and I’m kind of disappointed in them. “For the fans”… Bullshit… finally losing my patience… thought it would never happen.

  7. Zwerewolf

    Buy concert tickets with your $150.
    Buy an instrument with your $150.
    Buy a hooker with your $150.
    Buy a sex toy with your $150.
    Buy a bag of shrooms with your $150.
    Buy a pet with your $150.
    Buy a phone with your $150.
    Buy something that’s not going to sit on the shelf and collect dust with your $150.
    Buy you and a bunch of friends pizza and beer with your $150.
    All of these things will give you better memories and leave your ass far less sore than spending $150 on Opiate… let’s not forget that’s all this is… Yay… they signed it…

  8. Zwerewolf

    There are some pretty expensive sex toys out there and depending on what your preference is I’m sure you can find something that doesn’t go in your ass… Although… there is this fun ring toss game but… that would be for the bulls ass right?

  9. thirdeye42012

    I’m sorry, I can’t find them in the TA store (which is the same as the toolband store), am I looking in the right place? I don’t venture to TA very often so I’m not sure if I’m on the right track, I wanted to at least see what the art looks like.

  10. Zwerewolf

    @adrian “Just realized I wrote “sex toy” singular not plural. Now I’m imagining a person of a certain ethnic background (Ok, an Asian guy) working at a sex shop saying “True, not all sex toy have to go in your ass.”

    HAHAHAHAHA! I love the part about your ass basically being sore just looking at the price.

    Congrats to everyone that got one of these. I hope you enjoy it and all that jazz but it’s just not what I’m looking for right now. I’m ready for music that I haven’t heard that will stimulate my brain… I love art but I’d rather go buy an original painting at a local art shop that nobody else is going to have and support someone that needs it.

  11. Bogart

    i just looked @ my order history and find it interesting my signed Lateralus was $100 and a lot more rare ( I think 300 copies were signed) and the Opiate re-issue is $50 more….oh well, im happy I got one. Thinking about buying another one.

  12. bobbob

    i thought they were ‘doing this for the fans’ as adam jones in a recent interview, once i saw they were signing them i thought maybe this was going to be ‘for the fans’ and not their wallets but i guess not

    i dont have the coin anyway but if i did i wouldnt buy this. the tool sticker looks budget. its not even as good as the promo stuff opiate had back in the day. sure the artwork holds up other then that by the looks of it (somewhat anyway) but no thanks.

    all it takes is people not buying it and they will relist it in the news like they do dannys occult book thing he sold and whatever else that pops up now and again ‘a few copies left’ blah blah blah. but im sure their are more then enough peeps willing to dish out the coin. will see what happens. it would be nice if fans created a revolution for once if i dare say that word,,,but i dont think that will happen

    not this time tool! it looks nice enough but its a bit too heavy on the loot! 😉


    Just as i read thos HWAP lyrics, HWAP came on Pandora…ahhahahahahahha

    Those lyrics pretty much obliterate anything any dumbass fan has to say.

    Buy it. Don’t buy it. Nothing beyond those two choices matter. Complaints are endless….at least these guys are accomplishing things with their lives.

    One sees a rip-off. Another sees a cool collectible. Eye of the beholder.

  14. failsafe

    March 23, 2013 at 10:51 am
    failsafe said
    I just bought all 5. Being Canadian did not matter, the store changed once it became exclusive. I take back what I said, haha.
    Only 1 copy of each? You could have bought 2 more sets!

    Nah, these are for me and not resale.

  15. adrian

    Figured it out…click on your TA username at the top of the screen, then click EDIT SETTINGS, then click ACCOUNT. From there you can change your address (don’t forget to put in your TA password at the top) and it will show up correctly in the old Bazaar cart.

  16. adrian

    True, not all sex toy have to go in your ass. Although that’s all I can think about when I keep looking at the price of these fucking Opiate reissues….

  17. smithersSOCAL

    Ouch… Keep in mind. while a large figure. that sum wouldn’t even cover their recording budget.

    But yeah. i’m generally with you.

    Also is this what passes for “bonus laden” these days? tool has jumped the shark and is giving me the sads. Oh well there is the new queens record to look forward to.

  18. adrian

    Just realized I wrote “sex toy” singular not plural. Now I’m imagining a person of a certain ethnic background (Ok, an Asian guy) working at a sex shop saying “True, not all sex toy have to go in your ass.”

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