Badkittygothgirl posted this morning this little snippet she noticed from a Revolver article regarding the Opiate reissue:

The packages will only be available via Tool’s website ( on Mar. 26 with the band setting aside a small number of packages (200 of each variation) for Toolarmy members. Toolarmy members will be able to purchase on Mar. 22 via

Good news for Toolarmy members. Presumably we’ll know the price of these articles quite soon.

For what it’s worth, I personally don’t think it’s worthwhile signing up to Toolarmy just for this sale (in general I’d say it’s not worth becoming a member at all). Given that it’s expected to be somewhat expensive (I’m still predicting $100+ for signed copies) I think there will be enough available during the public sale.

It’s also been revealed that 5 copies will contain the Seal of Xatanitos, some kind of golden ticket that will no doubt make you a better Tool fan.