Toolarmy Opiate Presale on now

Toolarmy members wanting to order a copy of the Opiate Reissue can do so now. Four of the five varieties are still available at time of posting, and the cost is $150 each. Going by the photos, the only difference between versions seems to be what I think are the certificates of authenticity, the pose of the “Priest” on one of the cards and the CD colour.

Sales don’t seem to be super fast, and for $150 each I expect there are quite a few hesitating at that price. I don’t think anyone who wants to pick up a copy will miss out.

Here’s pictures of all the varieties:


34 thoughts on “Toolarmy Opiate Presale on now


    Purple is the color of Saturn (saturn is considered the ruler/god of this “fallen” world, the grim reaper, satan, cronos, yahweh or yahu ect.) to some….its also related to the kaballistic tree of life, a combination of the red and blue pillars to get on the middle pillar. Some will say this is wrong and BS, but with occult stuff, its just interpretation.

    All of it goes way deep and insane, and i wouldnt be surprised if the loft was some sort of node with a portal to the hexagonal pole on saturn where the band members get their marching orders.

    “i sold my soul to make a record, dumbfuck.”

    1. bobbob

      the whole colour purple being related to saturn i did not know. true about the interpretations and all that. who can say if it is or not and i can see how some would say its wrong. maybe thats why rynnees ‘children of saturn’ t shirts are in the purple design if i remember correctly? Hmmm. Regardless what any of that aims at this PURPLE deal has worked out for Danny. i know what Bogart was getting at cause i felt drawn to the purple disc right away and said to myself if i did get one it would be the purple one. is that the one thats sold out on TA by chance? wouldnt surprise me. its become somewhat of a logo amongst tool fan with all this purple stuff. pretty cool really

  2. auroboros

    all the different priest arm poses combined reveal a certain geometric symbol. i thought that’s cool but i’m not paying 150 bucks for a truth I know about myself.

  3. lucidcandle

    here’s a quote from the aug 2003 newsletter “What you think is an A is actually a P (no doubt scrawled in imperial purple – which combines the blood of Mars with the royal blue of Jupiter).”

  4. mattw

    My personal take is that $150 is just a little too high but I still got one. It depends what angle you look at it from: the signed Lateralus vinyls were $100 back in October 2005 but they only did 300 of them. Charging $100 for a signed poster at live shows in 2010/11/12 etc. is fine with me too. However, while I appreciate there is some new artwork and packaging involved, charging $150 in early 2013 even considering inflation etc. is too much. Even Ignoring the exclusivity (300 signed vinyls versus 5000 signed Opiate cds), their $150 price just seems a little steep… Then again, I just purchased a signed new piece of artwork from all 4 members of my favourite band and I’ll have it in 4-6 weeks. Pretty cool.

  5. bobbob

    did anyone think maybe the TOOL sticker was possibly one of the first ones they wanted to put out or something or maybe even did before they were anything? i know the opiate t shirt i had (which i gave to some chick i dated for a month but i did get laid at least. haha) was the same logo design as undertow and aneima. (my fav look with the capitals)

    anyway, it would be neat if this was some doodle or something adam did in 1991 or something. prob not though

  6. mattw

    I think framing it unopened would be kinda silly given that there are 5000 of them. If you frame it, you should open it up first and frame it in a way which best displays all of the artwork and signatures. It’s more expensive to do because the layout and framing is bigger but it just looks so much better.

    And that logo is definitely a 2013 version of what they had back in 1992. There’s no way that’s the new Tool logo.


    Its a nice looking package. Love this EP, and now it is complete with awesome artwork. Im gonna buy it. Why not? Death comes rippin’, and all those seal of saturn fed reserve notes will be wasted anyways…

  8. Davvda

    If it was a vinyl and I had the money to spend I might actually have considered buying it but it isn’t vinyl and I have no money so that’s the end of that.

  9. lipanconjuring

    Yeah, if this were a vinyl for sale with a huge sleeve full of artwork it might be a different story… But its a CD, and its not even remastered, but the same one I already own with a new label pressed on the disc.

    I haven’t owned a dedicated CD player in years, so this would just be ripped to my iTunes library immediately for listening like everything else… So I would be paying $150 for a digipak-sized sleeve with a sticker and a couple inserts? No, its not worth it for that money.

    Its the damn autographs that they used to justify the $150 price, I’m sure, but even so a few sharpie signatures do not hold that much value to me. Hopefully some months from now they will press some more copies without them for $30 or something instead, and I’ll consider getting one.

  10. bobbob

    agreed, i bought a signed poster for 130 and its big and i framed it myself so the whole signature thing was worth it for me on that one but a smaller sized sleeve wouldnt be wall worth to me for sigs.. if this was 30 or something i would get it too. they are charging 25 a sig i think the way it works out. thats how the toronto poster was. 130 signed 30 unsigned. so maybe they will charge 50 for this unsigned. i still wouldnt buy it for 50.

    some agree some disagree but i think their taking advantage of their fans. even if people went and sold on ebay which is lame its not like they arent rich by now. give me a break. just like Adams doodled posters going for 425 or whatever it was at the shows. they are only thinking about people reselling i think. i dont like that either but their already does it matter to them?


    It’s official. Crow has confirmed that Tool has now lost it.

    Since this is the case, i guess we can assume he won’t be visiting this website anymore to share his thoughts on a band that in his mind has “lost it”.

    Sorry to see you go, buddy. Enjoy the sips of coke as you point the finger.

  12. Mass Deception

    A lot of complaining about things people either bought or really have no clue what the entire package fully entails, let’s wait the 2 months and those of us dumb/fortunate enough or both, to buy it will know if it’s worth it. In my 20 years of being a Tool fan they have not let me down yet….

  13. madson4562

    Anyone else that bought a copy yesterday care to check their ToolArmy Bazaar and see if their purchase is listed under the ‘Order History’ box on the right? After I made my purchase and got my order number, it showed ‘Opiate V4′ under my Order History. I just happened to notice that it’s no longer listed there with my previous orders, so I wanted to see if this is a universal thing related to their shitty website, or if I have reason for concern. I did make my purchase while on vacation in Canada, so who the hell knows.

    1. mattw

      ^Check your Toolarmy ‘order history’ and it will have Opiate listed as ‘New’ rather than ‘Shipped’. While they process all these new orders it will say ‘New’. It obviously changes once they send them all out.


    Ya its a good chunk of cash, but i bought a poster for $120 and then spent money to frame it. This Opiate art is awesome, and i’ll be happy to own it for LESS than what i got a framed poster for…..big fuckin’ deal.

    People these days really flip out over shit….not realizing that they suffer when they live their life this way, not the object of their disgust.

  15. igotanopiatevinyl

    I slightly disagree…I think its both the seller and the buyer

    The seller for using TA presales and jacking the price up

    and the Buyer for being uninformed and purchasing an item that he/she will likely be able to purchase at face value

  16. HunterSMckenna

    Sorry I’m inept at posting links apparently, but is anyone aware of this? Interesting timing being that it was just put up a few weeks back. Any chance this is legit or uploaded by someone that works at production? or is this something that’s been floating around the interwebs for some time?

    Seems highly unlikely that it is legit, but someone did a great job with it, it seems very tool-esque by times, but other times the animation seems too amateur…thoughts?


    Money comes and goes everyone…usually it goes.

    Jobless losers find a way to support their crack habits on a daily basis. Im sure a few tool devotees can scrounge $150 for this if they want it.

    It’s only a tiny percentage of Tool listeners or concert goers that even KNOW this exists, so its definitely just for the few that care for this sort of thing.

    I doubt if this was more mass produced anybody would care, or even buy it. The way people talk on here it is clear that the newer generation hates spending money on physical music, and will just steal it online anyways.

    Maybe this is a big fuck you to that attitude. Ahahahhahahaa good. Im tired of babies that always are looking for free shit, and complain endlessly about parting with their money. Enjoy not having this, and feel superior with your upturned noses.

    1. smithersSOCAL

      can’t speak for anyone but myself. but I still buy music and lots of it. not sure if you’re aware but the casual tool fan has moved on. I doubt anyone outside of the die hards even know about this. I hadn’t been on TA in ages but did check out the reissue and pondered a purchase. the cost is absolutely stupid….. and this is coming from someone who has flown to red rocks, SF, Fresno, Vegas, etc… just to see tool.

      logging into TA it was fun to see all my available karma shots, and was surprised that the current TA count was only 20k heads…hardly an army at all.

  18. Zwerewolf

    I just saw an interview with those weird/disgusting mormon Duggar people that have 20 kids or whatever, and their oldest kid is already working on heading toward that number… I’m officially putting my $150 towards a vasectomy. I don’t want kids at all because this world is becoming a terrible place for children to grow up. I could go an alternative 180 route and take my wife to dinner get her drunk and pregnant in one night and declare that I’m working on 30 kids so I get a TV show but… I don’t really like TV so much.
    I’m ok with adopting and when I adopt I will be raising said adopted child to like good music. However, I will not have an Opiate re-release to show him/her. So, that’s how it’s done and this is what it feels like to spend a hard earned buck. Thanks for brining it into perspective Mr. and Mrs. Duggar… may you all burn in hell (you know, that fictitious place).

    Best Regards,

  19. 3po1nt0

    anyone else find it a little odd that justin’s signature is on this package. shouldn’t they have tried to track down paul? of course that would’ve likely required giving him a cut of the profit…


      March 26, 2013 at 3:02 pm
      anyone else find it a little odd that justin’s signature is on this package. shouldn’t they have tried to track down paul? of course that would’ve likely required giving him a cut of the profit…

      FYI-Justin Chancellor is in the band TOOL currently. He plays live with the band TOOL. At some point in the timeline of this planetoid, he has played songs from this EP with the band TOOL. He is in the band TOOL.

      This is why he signed the EP. A little strange? Sure…i guess. But he’s IN the band, and he plays live and its possible he will even be playing an Opiate track or two live in April/May. So really, its okay……really okay.

  20. smithersSOCAL

    what’s Facebook? ha ha. don’t have FB. never have, never will. is it true there is a “like” button, but no “un-like” button? I would imagine TA is a better barometer of fan base but that’s just a guess.

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