Happy Birthday MJK

It’s Maynard’s birthday today, and in the time honoured Fourtheye tradition I shall post a video of him doing one of my favorite Tool songs. Happy Birthday Maynard – see you in a couple of weeks! Watch for the cool laser effect at around 6:25…

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday MJK

  1. Zwerewolf

    You should have posted the video of him doing “Parabola” when his voice cracks and he throws the microphone on the ground. I love that video and when I feel like life is shit and want to be reminded that even the most focused and determined high functioning individual can fuck shit up sometimes… I watch that video. Happy Birthday Maynard.

  2. mattw

    It looks cool how Justin’s and Adam’s heads are sticking up out of the lasers which makes it look like a massive flood has consumed the arena. Impressive design.

    In other news, my signed Opiate edition (version 4) arrived today (Sydney). It all looks very good, especially when you display all of the bits and pieces. I’m thinking of spreading it all out and combining it with an Opiate vinyl and then frame the whole thing. I didn’t think $150 was worth it originally but I’ve now changed my mind… maybe

  3. Zwerewolf

    Just visited toolband.com and it appears that Blair had to remind us that “Nothings Matter” is still available (obviously not selling well). Did anyone buy the album? I dig some of the music but the Polish vocals or whatever that language is… I dunno, just wasn’t for me I guess… Any other opinions?

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