Update: Turns out it was all just a misunderstanding – Adam, Justin and Danny will be joining Tool after all! In other foolish news, it appears King Buzzo is the winner of the first Opiate Reissue “Seal of Xatanitos”:


In breaking news just at hand:

Frontier Touring are disappointed to announce that Tool will no longer be playing shows in Australia this April/May however are equally pleased to announce that they will be replaced on tour by TOOL LIVES!

Singer Maynard James Keenan will be joined on stage by bass player Matt McJunkins, Drummer Jeff Friedl and guitar player Mark Tremonti as they play all the Tool hits in a unique in-the-round experience.

“This has been a long time coming,” announces Keenan. “Danny, Adam and Justin are hard at work on the new Tool album, and rather than disrupting their work schedule, I thought it would be in the best interests of the band to continue the tour without them. I’ve been touring with Mat and Jeff for a while now, so it seemed only natural to ask them to join the band. I’ve been a fan of Mark since his early days with Creed, and look forward to collaborating with him on this tour.”

Drummer Jeff Friedl is aware of the big shoes he has to fill: “Danny Carey is an amazing drummer!” he exclaims “It’ll be a challenge nailing his double kick parts, but I’m sure I’ll get there.”

Mark Tremonti gives us a taste of the setlist: “Maynard would like us to lay down some covers. He made a list for us and I was happy to see Imagine and a bunch of other of my favorite 70s protest songs that we’ll spin during each show.”

We are also pleased to announced that there will be a wine tasting for VIP ticket holders prior to each Australian show. Each ticket, valued at $500 comes with a free plastic wine glass, a novelty shopping bag, and a pair of socks recently worn by members of the band. “There isn’t much to do on the long flights in cattle class,” explains McJunkins “so we’ll each be wearing a bunch of different socks as a special gift for the fans.” Glasses of Caduceus wine may be purchased for $30 each.

I’ve contacted Blair for confirmation on this and will let you know what I hear…