Adam & Korin expecting baby in December

Adam posted a pic to Instagram earlier today that I didn’t think much of, but it turns out it is some kind of baby scan. Looks like Adam & Korin are expecting a baby on the 25th of December. Jesus Christ!

Congratulations to both Adam & Korin.

15 thoughts on “Adam & Korin expecting baby in December

  1. glorybox

    According to internet resources, she conceived on or around April 4. She is 8-10 weeks along (going by the due date) so it’s likely they just found out recently. He didn’t propose because she was knocked up.

  2. Zwerewolf

    So… I was wondering how I might have missed this picture on Instagram and went into my “Following” list and couldn’t find adamjones_tv… So I ran a search and found nothing… so I went onto Korin’s instagram (I am following her) and found a picture of Adam that she had taken and tagged with his account name. Clicked his account name and realized I wasn’t following him anymore… It won’t let me follow him at all…. AM I BLOCKED? I must have posted a comment he didn’t like???? Definitely blocked though…

  3. Davvda

    You see, this is the problem right here. Tool can’t make a good album out of happiness. They’re all too happy. Danny’s playing basketball and having fun with Volto!, Justin’s doin’ whatever brits do best (drink?), Maynard pumping out shitty Puscifer-releases while drinking his fuckin’ wine and Adam playing WWE and havin’ babies. We can’t have these guys going around bein’ happy. Something really bad has to happen to a member and we’ll have the album in a few weeks as long as the bad thing isn’t said member dying.

  4. inequitude

    Yeah totally – complete 180 on the privacy gig they’ve been plugging for so long hey. Overall the past year of AJ and the rest in social media has been pretty cool. It’d have been good if one of the VIPs had asked about a website update from him. That site… it’s enough to make a cat laugh.

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