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  1. recycle

    I heart Puscifer.

    “Another shitty release from puscifer, how nice.”………sounds like something a Jr. High or High School kid would say, dont know if you are but……

    I heart Puscifer.

  2. Zwerewolf

    I’m with the majority here… enough with Puscifer already… they are lame. Potions is the only song I like and… well… it’s a Tapeworm track that Maynard use without Trents consent so it’s the only song worth the listen. Would never spend money on this nor would I torrent it. Alot of fanny packs in here that need to remove maynards disco stick from their asses. Yes, he’s awesome in TOOL… Yes… APC had two great albums… Yes, Maynard is a wanna-be comedian which makes Puscifer his joke and each song a punchline.

  3. Davvda

    But for me it does burden Tool or atleast my image of Tool when a member I used to have immense respect for goes off doing something as utterly terrible as Puscifer. V for Vagina and the C is for whatever were decent releases since it felt more like a comedic output. Then he started taking shit seriously and now I don’t know what we have. It’s like he put the piece of shit that is Puscifer through a meatgrinder and expected something other than shit to come out the other end.

    I get it, I get it… Some people love Maynard and thinks he’s a genius and that Puscifer are great, whatever. Some claim they are good live but until Maynard decides to take his shitty project to Sweden and prove that I will continue to complain and bicker at anyone claiming that Puscifer is the “yang to Tool’s yin”. For fucks sake, if that’s true I truly hope the yin rapes the yang and never calls back.

    1. recycle

      “Since when did PUSCIFER become mainstream radio-friendly sell outs like Nicki Minaj and Akon?”

      hahahaha, not quite.
      I would like to see MJK or Carina on American Idol, some singing show or whatever show Nicki Minaj is on. I have only heard The Pus on the radio a few time, but if the band makes some $$$ by getting a radio song, more power to them. I doubt Ryan Seacrest will ever be talking about them though :)

      Pus opening for Britney??? Just a crazy thought.

  4. Casey Tatum

    What is with people complaining about remix albums?

    Nine Inch Nails has almost the same amount of remix albums as studio albums. So what? It’s all good music.

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