Maynard donates platinum Tool and APC albums to Animal Resource Centre

Word from Tony at KATT FM in Oklahoma is that Maynard has donated platinum copies of Tool’s Undertow and A Perfect Circle’s Mer De Noms to support Oklahoma’s Animal Resource Center which was affected by the recent Tornados. Both albums are signed and there’s even a couple of photo’s to certify that they are legit. According to the webpage:

Our first 2 items for auction are the personal RIAA sales plaques that once belonged to Maynard James Keenan of Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer. After the May tornado’s destroyed countless homes and lives across Oklahoma, Maynard thru his trainer gave us his plaques for the specific purpose of helping in relief efforts. The following pictures below serve as genuine authentication that the actual auction items once belonging to Maynard James Keenan.

Unfortunately the auction is for continental US bidders only (no Canadians either) so if you’re overseas you made need to find alternate means to make a bid. You can make a bid here, and at the time of writing both albums are at $650. Great to see Maynard donating what seems to be a great cause.

Happy bidding!

3 thoughts on “Maynard donates platinum Tool and APC albums to Animal Resource Centre

  1. Zwerewolf

    Quit building your fucking houses where there is a “tornado season”… Those animals don’t have a choice in where they live but people do… We can’t keep feeling sorry for people that keep rebuilding only to get hit by yet another fucking tornado.

    If Maynard wants to help some animals out then that’s his decision. You ridicule him for his donation yet his donation is more than likely going to result in raising far more money than any of us have donated. My (human) donation as of yet… $2.13 @ Taco Bell…. wanted to round up and make it an even $5 for my convenience.

    It’s funny how human life is so important to some of you yet the population growth is one of the biggest threats to human life. Mother nature tries to tell us that by wiping some of us out. Some of you sit here and act like Jim Mog and Michelle Duggar believing that there’s a reason or a god telling you to have 55 fucking kids.

    Meanwhile there are wolves that we’re forcing out of the forrests that are almost extinct and are being shot on site due to the dangers involved, rather than being captured and re-released into what little wild they have left. Our massive amounts of electronics are now killing off honey bees which severely effects pollination. You have irresponsible “pet owners” out there that horde animals, breed animals for fighting and/or starve and abuse them. This all happens to kids too I know but someone’s gotta look out for the animals as well…

    We have a choice to not have kids and we have a choice to not own pets… Yet a vast majority believes that they should have several of one, the other or both… Why? I’m with Maynard, there are plenty of people out there that “value” (all sarcasm intended) human life and not enough that value animal life…

    I’d definitely put animal life over a big chunk of some of the human life that’s out there. They are the only things that are smart enough to not keep breeding and will let natural disasters take them out. The brilliance of human stupidity crossed with brilliant ingenuity has allowed us to flourish beyond control and we’re leading ourselves to certain demise. I’d rather not know it’s coming but you can’t help but know that it’s coming unless you’re blind, deaf and dumb.

    Wooohhhheeeeee that was long! Worth it…

  2. Zwerewolf

    -Saying “And the whole “don’t live somewhere where there are tornadoes” argument is so dumb.” Is Dumb… The Katrina thing was made worse because a shit ton of people that had flood insurance avaialable to them… didn’t buy it. So they had homes below sea level knowing the levy would devestate evertyhing had it broke, and they also did not buy flood insurance… I live in California… There are wildfires and earthquakes out here all the time… I chose to purchase homeowners insurance (covers fire) and I also chose to purchase earthquake insurance… covers earthquake… Where I live it is not likely that my home will be burned down and it is also not likely that my home will be destroyed by an earthquake. We don’t have earthquake season plain and simple.

    -Nobody here said let women and children starve… everyone that’s arguing the side I’m on is simply saying that animals need love too. In times like this when someone has lost everything they own… getting their pet back can drastically change their morale in an instant. Plus… Yeah I love animals and don’t want them to suffer and think that they need some attention as well.

    -Someone said something about their girlfriend’s school and becoming a doctor and that being useless now and she can flush her education or some bullshit along those lines… You’re an idiot and you have now not only twisted whe others like me were arguing but that twisting of meaning was intended to make it a personal issue (as if we were attacking your girlfriends fucking education are you fucking kidding me?). So if we need to get personal… your girlfriend needs to flush you because you’re a fucking moron. Go get your fucking law degree at Costco G.

    -This notification is to let you know that Maynard (not fucking May Jay not fucking Nard or Nardo) decided to donate a couple platinum albums for auction to raise money to help the animals out. What it did not tell us… is if he has or has not donated money for the people of Oklahoma. So we’re sitting here defending him because the argument on the other side of the bridge is that he’s an asshole for doing such? He’s an asshole for donating to animals and not people… there isn’t enough evidence in this article to support your allegations so shut the fuck up already.

  3. Zwerewolf

    @Tyson Parents are even more weird if that’s the logic… What do kids do for you as a parent? Ruin your life? Drain your bank account? Expose you to liability? Put you knee deep in shit? Become adults that continuously rebuild their homes in Oklahoma after being struck by a tornado every single year?

    My 110 pound german shepherd was already potty trained at 3 months old when we got him and serves greatly as a body guard and yes… a loyal companion… I like to pet him and feed him because if anyone ever breaks into my house I promise you before I get to my gun he’s going to have someone’s throat in his mouth… He’s 4 years old… is a 4 year old kid going to do that? No… But I’m the weird one for choosing to have dogs instead of kids…. Animals were domesticated a long time ago… these domesticated animals… wouldn’t survive in the wild (with the exception of the freaks of nature). So do we continue to give them homes or just let them go extinct? Considering the benefits of animals over kids… I’ll take animals any day.

    If you disagree Tyson that’s fine of course. You should lead a mass genocide against domesticated animals some day. I’m sure that will go over well. If you’re successful we don’t need to have this discussion anymore.

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