29 thoughts on “Adam shares a gift from the Loft

  1. unclejackson

    Just a warm up, or “rehearsing” for an upcoming tour? About 2 years ago Blair mentioned that Tool was looking into implementing “a new concept of touring”. I have speculated that this “new concept” could mean an increased number of tours with fewer touring dates. To some extent, that is what Tool has done over the past couple years.

    1. hellboy1975hellboy1975 Post author

      I’d be pretty surprised if there were another tour in the work, so I imagine they’re just warming up during one of the songwriting/rehearsal sessions. I imagine Adam was just mucking around with a GoPro or something and figured it’d be a cool thing to share.

      1. unclejackson

        If I remember correctly, you (like most everyone else) were surprised about the recent Australian tour too.

        I also doubt they are necessarily preparing for an upcoming tour, but I do think it’s possible they might be moving toward more frequent touring schedule with fewer dates (more breaks) – so an upcoming tour has at least some plausibility in my mind.

        1. hellboy1975hellboy1975 Post author

          No doubt they are changing the way they tour, and have been operating this way for the last 4 years. I still would be surprised if they tour seeing how close* they appear to being done songwriting.

          That said, if they don’t feel like they have time for record the album in the latter half of this year, perhaps they’d consider playing some dates instead.

          *who knows how close they are really.

  2. bobbob

    ya, they have been doing these short little tours since 2009. they hit every bigger area every 2 years and whatever else inbetween those. smart move. stay relevant and make good money and tour a month or two a year. its smart in a business sense but gay cause theirs never any new music!

    does anyone think adam calling that little video ‘a gift’ come across a bit on the “up your own ass vibe?” i suppose hes part of the nazi crew that doesnt want pictures or anything else done at their shows. its like 2 min long. its cool and all but still. maybe im an asshole but too bad! :)

    1. hellboy1975hellboy1975 Post author

      Not really – what makes you think he’s saying “up your own ass”? Not sure how you could read that from it personally.

      I think it’s just a general thanks for being supportive of the band despite they fact they haven’t produced much lately.

  3. Alittlevil

    i thought it was awesome. Tried to pause it to read the writing on the white board but didn’t work out. Either way I agree that it is just what he said it was a “gift” something he thought his fans may enjoy. And most of us probably did.

  4. Zwerewolf

    If I had a facebook account there’s no doubt Adam would block me. Just like he did on his Instagram account after I told him to shove the Opiate re-release up his ass and spit out a new album… I can play Lateralus in my sleep with my hands tied behind my back… thanks prick. PS… I voted Dimebag… Adam is a progressive dark rock guitarist not a metal guitarist. Tired of all these re-hashings. They are just stirring a pot of ashes and dust as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Zwerewolf

    Took liquid “courage” (stupidity) to get that riled up and talk to one of my heroes like that that but… hey… whats done is done… NEW ALUBM!!!!

  6. bobbob

    mah! im just picky cause i been into this band for so long and the way they can be u expect a bit more from them. its still great he posted it but a gift would be a full SBD recording from 2001 or something like that :) but thats def askin too much !!!! how about a live dvd ? thats a good gift!

    their just kinda pretensious sometimes. half of them maybe. i donno.

    enough of me! ha

  7. voidvoid

    Been a while since I posted here. Really guys? Jeez…he posted a video of them practicing a song. Check it out and then move on with your life.

    Also, they’ve said before in interviews they always start off practice warming up with a couple older songs first, before digging into new material.

  8. bdub2588

    Alright, I’m gonna help y’all out and hopefully put this bickering to death. I joined to specify this tenuous issue. Lateralus was also known as the “holy GIFT” right? And Adam posted the video on 8.13.13 right? If I’m not mistaken 8 and 13 are apart of the Fibonacci sequence. There must’ve been something particular about that date in correlation. Either way I’m sure he used the word GIFT for a specific reason in relation to Lateralus being a holy GIFT.
    P.S. it is nauseating grueling to have to put up with all that TOOL does to keep us happy. And I agree they are pretentious, but after hearing the new jam that was infused into Lateralus on the recent tour I have reason to believe this will be the best record EVER. And I wholeheartedly believe it based on that small glimpse. Tah tah. Peace. Out.

  9. Zwerewolf

    Why does everything have to be a fucking riddle with them? @bdub2588
    What they’ve lost is that straight forward and raw approach to things. Their sitting around playing fucking riddle me this, riddle me that while Maynard is losing his vocal ability (Listen to APC live @ Lallapalooza Brazil horendous) and I fear the new album will suffer. I’m tired of bitching about it but it’s kind of hard not to when they do stupid shit like this… Just shut the fuck up and write the album and quit “giving out gifts”… An over priced re-release of a 21 year old album…. A replica of a figurine (will no doubt be overpriced)…. Materials?… Really? Never expected from this band… That’s the end of my bickering, most (all) of you will be happy that this is my last post on this topic.

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