As some of you have noticed already, there have been some changes to the Fourtheye forum lately. The shift was prompted by and influx of spam, and a lack of tools on the old forum for combating this properly. As a result I’ve changed the forums to the latest version of phpBB and they are now available for posting. The move to phpBB means we’re now using a free and open source solution, which has many more features, as well as a great community for all our support and plugin needs. More importantly for me, it means I’m not being fleeced for support money when things go wrong (as they did during the demise of the old forum).

There were however a few issues with the migration. All the posts were imported, however some users seem unable to log into their accounts. Unfortunately there is no easy fix for this problem,and if you are experiencing it, please check out this thread for details on how to resolve it.

There are still changes to come for the forum – at this stage I have not yet visually styled the forum, and there are still some features I plan to implement (such as subscriber only forums) so join the conversation and let me know what you’d like me to add to the new boards.