Blair has published the July 2013 Tool Newsletter, which as promised contains answers to the quiz posed in the June one. How did you go?

Other than that, there are no particular revelations in the newsletter.

1)Of the dozen or so spoof Tool CDs included in the spurious catalog in the insert contained in the import (i.e. European) version of Aenima, one of them is actually real (meaning that it at least includes jam sessions by the band and various other recorded material). Though having never been released to the general public, about 30 copies were surreptitiously placed in various record stores in European cities (most of them in Poland) by members of the band and their crew during a tour over there. TRUE OR FALSE?

TRUE. But there is much more to this story – as I have been hinting at for years. Perhaps someday someone will finally figure it out, and before certain things become obsolete.