Things are quiet up in the Loft, perhaps a little too quiet. While we all await some news regarding a new album, I thought I’d take some time to indulge myself and publish my personal Tool top 10. You may agree, you may disagree, that is both expected and welcomed. Feel free to discuss my selections are reasoning, as well as add your own.

If anyone feels like having a bit of fun, then feel free to predict my top 10 in the comments below. Should anyone nail it, I’ll send them a little something from my collection. Just to help you out a little, here’s the first one (as well as a significant hint as to what else I may or may not pick later). Entries close at the same time I post #9, which will be on Friday afternoon Aussie time.

When I first started to create my top 10 Tool tracks, the first thing I did what look at the track listing for each album, and then wrote down my “essential” tracks from each album. This got me to 15 tracks, several of them from Undertow. However while whittling down to create a top 10, I ended up disregarding everything else from the album except for Flood.

Flood to me is an interesting track, more than anything else on Undertow is shows to me at least, the direction Tool will take on it’s next three albums. The track is half instrumental, and to my ears just a little more progressive than the hard rock styles of the rest of the album.

The track also highlights Paul’s work on the bass. The bass sound on Undertow is still one of my favorites, and this track accentuates it beautifully.