My Tool Top 10: #4 The Grudge

Lateralus has almost the perfect opening track. The Grudge is one that features great work from all four members of the band, and is most commonly the track I recommend to new fans to listen to in order to see what Tool really sound like.

When I heard it I felt like Justin was truly a member of the band for the first time. The bass work in the track is excellent, and it was clear to me that Justin was now out of the shadow of Paul’s work on Aenima. There’s some memorable lyrics from Maynard as well, not to mention the 30 second scream at the end.

Danny owns the track at the end though – the last 30 seconds feature some of my favorite drumming on any song by any band, and one of the fills in particular is out of this world.

12 thoughts on “My Tool Top 10: #4 The Grudge

  1. Pgrantham

    The convoluting effect they pull off during the “Let go” part is phenomenal. To pull off that dynamic effect with only four people…wow. I wish they extended that part live somehow. It feels so good on the body. Also the tabla beat at the beginning at 35 seconds is one of my favorite expressions from Danny.

  2. Hammer

    I listen to this song before I had a job interview yesterday monrning. That 30 scream seemed to just ignite something in me. It left me feeling confident and empowered somehow. Awesome, awesome song!

    1. hellboy1975hellboy1975 Post author

      My statement in regards to Paul refers mainly to his credit to songwriting on Aenima. While Justin helped write half the songs on the album, it wasn’t until Lateralus that he was able to really stamp his own mark onto Tool.

  3. Zwerewolf

    At least I had this one in the top three of my guesses…. I actually guessed it as number 1 because I think that song is there for me. The scream totally just has some sort of… mystic power to it…. sigh…. admiration and nothing less.

    As for the bass line it’s probably my favorite part of this whole song. That bass line is so fun to play and just a complete mind fuck as to how you come up with something like that. Justin being added to the band was indeed a very lucky occurence. They needed him more than they could have ever known. Without Justin Lateralus would have never happened.

  4. Zwerewolf

    According to WIKI (whatever that’s worth):

    “Demo versions of the songs “Pushit”, “Stinkfist”, “Ænema”, and “Eulogy” were recorded with Paul D’Amour on bass, before he left the band. These appeared online in early 2007. D’Amour also worked on “H.”, as he is credited as a co-songwriter on ASCAP’s website.”

    Haven’t heard these demo versions yet but I’m sure Justin had more of a part in Aenima than what some of you think. There’s some shit on that album that I’m sure Paul didn’t have the creativity for. Why he left the band, I really just can’t understand… but thankfully he did and now we have Lateralus.

    1. Pgrantham

      My memory may be off, but I recall an interview where they said they wouldn’t have gotten anything done if Paul stayed in the band, or something similar to that. It seemed to imply that he was a lazy ass.

      But don’t take my word for it.

  5. fraz

    one of my fondest tool memories is catching a bus into town on the morning of Lateralus being released. I picked up my copy, and got on the bus home. Listening to this opening track through my headphones on the bus home was quite an experience and because of that I put it down as one of my favourites. The way the song finishes is just amazing.

    From memory the tour after the album was released starting with the grudge. Anyone recall if it’s been played live since the lateralus tour days?

  6. thesheedspot

    @fraz- hearing this the first time was def an amazing experience. a friend of mine scooped me a copy at midnight and we rocked it on the way to high school the next day. spent every free second that day at school under my headphones. getting to hear this live in summer 2002 at my first tool show was truly an unforgettable experience.

    @hawaii- “this”, indeed. i wonder if he always films himself like that?

    now that im a little older the lyrics are infinitely more relatable. and yeah that fill at the end…

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