Many of you have already worked out what the number one in my Tool Top 10 is by using your powers of deduction. The same powers that you use to pull the mystery clues from each of Blair’s newsletters.

Number one is of course Aenema. To be honest the top 3 tracks on my list (Third Eye, Lateralus and Aenema) are pretty much interchangeable.

There’s a number of reasons I like Aenema enough to proclaim it number one. Firstly, the lyrics are the perfect blend of metaphor and straight up anger. And they are delivered in the best possible way. Sure, Maynard hits some higher notes in other songs, and the screams maybe aren’t the best, but as far as nailing the theme and emotion of the song, Maynard nails it here.

Musically, Danny shines on this track as well. While the first half of the song is pretty standard Tool fare, the brutal second half shows off some of the more unique moments Danny is able to bring to the band. Justin and Adam both make solid contributions to the track as well, albeit in a more subtle way than Maynard & Danny.

Lastly, Aenema also has the best Tool video. I can never get enough of that little guy being thrown around the box.