Fourtheye forum member Brett asked us for some questions for Billy a few days back, and he’s delivered some answers as part of his interview with the Perfect Circle guitar player. There are even a few Tool related ones:

My last question, I’ll admit a Tool question again, you mentioned in a recent interview again that Maynard is in full Tool mode and that’s why he can’t do [a new album for] A Perfect Circle right now. Do you mean he’s actually writing with them at this point?
I thought it was common knowledge that those guys are putting out a record next year, so he’s been writing for a bit.

That’s good to hear, because a lot of the news that was coming out that they were basically in the same position that you’ve been at with A Perfect Circle. Just writing the music and waiting for Maynard to come about
Yeah, he’s ‘in demand’ I should say.

A great interview well worth checking out!

Also another track, The Hollow from the Live DVD has been released on Loudwire.