Tool to play in Mexico in March?

According to the Primus Facebook page, Tool, Primus and Puscifer will be playing the Cumbre Tajin Festival in Papantla, Veracruz, Mexico. This will no doubt be great news for Mexican Tool fans, who have waited a long time for them to play in their country.

Update: Blair has confirmed the date on Toolband

Details are sketchy and by no means confirmed, but here’s the poster:


28 thoughts on “Tool to play in Mexico in March?

  1. RaiderFan

    Awesome!! It’s well overdue and I hope all the Mexican fans have a blast. A little dramatic to not think an album will be out next year because of this show, have some positive vibes, when it’s time it’s time. cheers!!!

  2. cahernandez

    The show appears on, with the poster showing Tool and Puscifer, so it’s pretty much confirmed. I wonder how will Maynard be able to pull off two shows in one day…I know he’s played Puscifer and Tool shows in one festival, but have these shows been in one day? I thought he’d play in different days of the festival.

  3. Intension

    Thats cool. Mexican fans deserve it. What a bad ass line up id love to see! But they better be working hard before hand. Hopefully they can wrap things up for a summer tour of new music, but as always i have my doubts. Is this the curve ball? I hope not.

  4. bobbob

    ah, who are u guys kidding? i doubt they will play new music! past record shows not! and those fans eat up any big concerts. they want to hear all the hits cause they never heard those before! this is a perfect show for them consdering they play the same stuff too much these past bunch of years!

    i have my doubts about new material for this! it would be nice and u never know. but good for the mexicans!

  5. Intension

    That was confirmed surprisingly fast! If they cant play a new tune by March we’re fucked. I know those Mexican fans probably want to hear some classics they have not heard, but i believe they would eat up a new tune! Looks really cool and enticing. But, couldn’t say i wouldn’t be disappointed if i flew down there and didn’t hear something special/new. Primus is amazing live. Getting a double dose of Keenan never sucks. Mayan temples are super interesting as well. Feck, I want to go.

  6. Zwerewolf

    Two amazing live bands… TOOL and PRIMUS… drool…. hopefully Primus will do a big tour with them in the US. I’ve seen primus in small and large venues and no matter what it’s a fucking epic show.

  7. tiresias

    This is going to be an insane show. So awesome. Is Puscifer and Tool playing the same night, or are those the headliners of a three day gig? Regardless the festival itself looks beautiful in a beautiful setting. Huge pull for MJK and the boys. Happy for the fans in Mexico.

  8. bobbob

    if the album comes out before March then i guess it will be a new show finally! but i have my doubts. at this point i think any real NEW anything wont be till the spring.

  9. cahernandez

    By the way, this is a festival used to promote the identity of the Totonacs, the Guardians of El Tajín, an archaeological site and capital of the Totonac empire (@Intension, this is not a Mayan site). It was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. You can read more about the site and the festival here:

    @Tiresias: this is a one-day event. So Puscifer and Tool in one evening.

    I think this is by far and large the coolest place to catch a Tool show. Junior, I think I can safely this will be one of your best lighting experiences with Tool. And the ticket only costs $25 USD!

  10. lachrymologist

    Anyone from the states thinking about going? I found round trip airfare from Chicago into Veracruz for $405. I’m having a real hard time not pulling the trigger. I’m sure my wife would literally kill me if I did buy us tickets.

  11. lachrymologist

    For anyone even thinking about going to this show it may be wise to just purchase tickets now with ticket protection. I paid just $61 for 2 tickets with ticket protection in case I don’t feel like i can get the logistics worked out. The USD is strong in Mexico hopefully I can make this into a nice Xmas present.

    Any one else interested in helping with a trip planning page for this festival? I plan on booking airfare this week assuming its reasonable.

    1. davidmg1982

      Plan to land in Poza Rica, Veracruz is the best fot you since Tajin its like 15 KM away from there, if you go directly to Veracruz you have to take a 3 hour bus to Poza Rica.

      The low price hotels are most of them already occupied, is not just the concert, is a lot of people going to get energy from the spring equinox (March 21) and the entire Tajin festival. The sooner, the better.

      Hope this information is useful.

  12. tOOLNZ

    I just bought tickets for this as I am going to be in Mexico at the time! lucky boy, that will be 3rd time seeing Tool in 12 months (twice in Auckland). Hope we get to hear a new tune.

  13. davidmg1982

    Once a year, at the spring equinox, the sun is positioned directly over the equator, giving everywhere on the planet 12 hours day and 12 hours night. The spring or vernal equinox, which heralds the start of spring, usually falls on 21 March, and is celebrated as a time of fertility and rebirth.

    Tajin, Veracruz is one of the most magical places to celebrate the spring equinox.

    Thats why the choose that day to play, makes total sense to me, its just perfect.

    Mi name is David, im from Aguascalientes Mexico and i will be there, if youre coming from the US and need any help, feel free to contact me for anything you need.

    1. rhinomachajewski

      My name is Daniel I live in Arizona and this will be my first time traveling this far into Mexico. Any info you can help me with would be huge and greatly appreciated. I have my ticket to the show and need 4 more tickets also info on the best place to stay and so on. If you can help me with how to get more tickets and any other info please call or text me 480-695-2838

  14. Climber2014

    I will be coming from U.S. I’m planning on flying into Mexico City and then going to the festival from there. If anyone would like to hook up for Mexico City and/or the festival/show, please contact me. It would be nice to meet up with people. Message me if interested!

  15. trustinmeandfall

    Didn’t even realize tickets were on sale for this, wanted to go down but it looks like they’re sold out! Anyone have any idea how to get them now? Didn’t see any on ebay or on mercadolibre???

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