Tool’s Newsletter for January 2015 has been released, and you can find it on the bands website. It contains a few hints that another song is complete on the new album, and also that there may be more news to come soon (though to be fair lots of newsletters suggest this). It also contains a Q & A section, which doesn’t really answer anything too compelling, but I found to be quite funny. Here’s a excerpt:

Q: “If I pay extra…. like $40… can I get the shirt with out the stupid poem?”

A: Nobody likes a Wisenheimer, but sure you can pay $40.00 for the shirt without the esoteric verses (which aren’t being offered now anyway). And I will be checking with Merch to see if you really buy one NOW that you’ve had your moment of glory…

COMMENT: “ I placed an order [for the Crowley tee-shirt] on the 17th [of January] with the confirmation #666. Made my day.”

REPLY: All confirmations are 666. Just kidding. How fortuitous! I hope that the Wisenheimer sees what he missed by not ordering one with the stupid poem…

Happy Trails!

Some shitty poetry